Guide: How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon X&Y / How to get Mewtwonite

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How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon X&Y/ How to get Mewtwonite

Want to catch Mewtwo in Pokemn X&Y. Don’t know where to find him? Having trouble capturing him? Need tips to capture Mewtwo? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with this detailed guide.

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Firstly, you will need to beat the game at least once. Therefore, you will need to defeat the Elite 4 and the Pokemon League champion. Once you have beaten the game, few opportunities will open up to catch some extremely rare Pokemon.

What you will need:

– A good supply of Ultra balls

– A bulky Pokemon that can inflict status (Thunder Wave, Sleep Powder)

Optimal pokemon is Mega Venusaur whom has access to good defensive stats and sleep powder.

-Potions and revives if needed

-Master Ball, if you are lazy

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Mewtwo can only be found in the Unknown dungeon located in the Pokemon Village. You can access the Pokemon Village through the Winding Forest (South West Corner of Snowbelle City). Once at the Pokemon Village, go to the south west corner and use Surf to gain access to the water. Travel North until you hit a waterfall, there should be a path on the right leading towards a cave, enter the cave and you should see Metwo in the middle of the area.

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Important Notes

– Save before entering into battle with Mewtwo

-If you defeat Mewtwo in battle, he will never reappear again and thus you will not be able to catch him or obtain Metwonite.

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Mewtwo is one tough cookie to capture. Not only is Mewtwo at a high level 70 it also has good type coverage with Psychic and Aura Sphere not to mention the extremely annoying “Recover”. The challenging part of catching Mewtwo is keeping your team alive while attempting to capture him. It is delicate balance between choosing the right level pokemon to fight him – high level Pokemon will kill him in an instant and lower level Pokemon will get slaughtered by Mewtwo.

The best strategy I found is to put Mewtwo to sleep. Personally, I used Mega Venasaur whom was perfect for the job as it had good defensive stat despite being weak to psychic, plus Mega Venusaur has access to the reliable sleep powder.

The concept behind the strategy is simple and uses the basic principles of catching Pokemon:

1. Pokemon with status inflictions (burns, paralysis, asleep, frozen) are easier to catch – hence why sleep powder is used.

2. You need to weaken the Pokemon, in this case it is difficult because Mewtwo can heal with recover. Hence using Sleep Powder will stop Mewtwo from using recover while you chip its health and throw ultra balls.

If it isn’t going well just reset the game to the point before entering the battle.

Now, you can use the Master Ball if you are lazy.

Optimal Pokemon level to attempt capturing Mewtwo, is in my opinion, around level 75-76.

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Your reward!

Once you capture Mewtwo, you will be given a Mewtwonite (Mewtwonite X Or Mewtwonite Y depending on the version you have).

Now you can use the brand new Mewtwo and the Mewtwonite to obtain Mega Mewtwo. I got the optimal nature Mewtwo – with a modest nature. Plus I get the impression it has good IV’s in speed because it out-sped my Greninja (I kept capturing Mewtwo by resetting the game without saving until I got the nature I wanted) . Persistence pays off.

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