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Nintendo has been around for a long time; a really long time. Over the years Nintendo has made thousands of games, many of them being fun and family oriented. There are a few characters in the early Nintendo games that have stuck around long enough to be put into the games coming out today on the Wii-U. One of these characters is one of Mario’s enemies; Wario.

Nintendo has made quite a few games with Wario being one of the main characters and has recently come out with Game & Wario on the Wii U console.

For those of you who don’t know a lot about Wario games, there is a particular kind known as WarioWare games. The idea behind them is that Wario decided to come out with a game development company to rake in some cash. Instead of creating entire games, these WarioWare games are comprised of short mini-games. Even though Game & Wario doesn’t have WarioWare in its title it is still part of that same sort of story.

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The games aren’t quite as short as the micro-games that are usually in these games. The best thing I can compare this game to is Nintendo Land. It is like Nintendo Land but a Wario version. There are 16 game modes in this game with 12 of the 16 being single player games.

Every game, including the single player games, in Game & Wario has its own unique way of using the game pad. One of the single player game modes is a game called “Arrow”. In “Arrow” you use the game pad to shoot invading Wario’s with arrows. To do this you have to move the game pad to aim and then you fire arrows from the game pad into the Wario’s that are moving towards you on the TV. If you let them get too close then they will flow into the game pad and you will have to squish them with your finger in order to keep from being damaged.

The problem with all of the single player games in Game & Wario is that they are all mediocre. All of them are only somewhat fun to play the first time; but after the first time you probably won’t have much desire to go back and revisit them. A couple of the games are just re-makes of E3 demo’s a few years back. Some of them are re-makes from previous WarioWare games. None of them are really that fun and I feel like the developers of this Nintendo game could have done a much better job with the single player portion.

If you are good at math you will know that 12 single player games means there are only 4 multiplayer game types in this Wario game. The scarcity of multiplayer is a little disappointing, but the fact that these games are actually quite fun  definitely makes up for it.

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In one of the multiplayer games called “islands” you will take turns with your friends launching pieces from the game pad onto islands floating in the water on the TV. Each island gives you a different amount of points. This can get very competitive and is insanely fun because the islands and point positions move, you can purposely knock other peoples pieces into the water, and a seagull will come and take random pieces and dump them into the water in between rounds.

Believe it or not one of the most fun games in Game & Wario is a game called “sketch”. This is basically Pictionary. One person draws something on a game pad that shows up on the TV while the other people try to guess what it is.

Even though the multiplayer is a lot of fun, it isn’t as fun as it could be. The reason for this is because they don’t have many options to mix things up with.

Considering everything, I would only buy Game & Wario to play with a group of people. Depending on the person, it might not be worth buying this game just to play 4 different types of multiplayer mini-games. Keep in mind if you get this game that the single player is not that great. I would say Nintendo did half decent on this game but could have done a whole lot better.

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