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2 days left_ X and Y Facebook page October 10 2013

Hey mii-gamers! As you all know, the Pokémon hype train is ahead roaring at full speed with the imminent release of X and Y this Saturday. From the sound of it Gamefreak has done an incredible job in updating and refining the online features in these newest entries to the series. As Pokémon is truly a series of trading, battling, and improvement through cooperation with others, and a fair share of self-discipline, I wanted to ensure that we had a place to begin forming a greater Pokémon network. I thought that we could use this  post as a means to share both our  3DS friend codes and which game we will be playing, and there is no better time to start than now. After all, I imagine many of us will be too tied to our game systems come Saturday to take the time to go back online!

Here, I will get the ball rolling:

          My friend code is: 0559-6912-7280

I will be playing Pokémon Y

Also, as always be sure to check back at mii-gamer for more news, reviews, and all things Nintendo. You can also be sure to expect our own review for Pokemon X and Y in the coming weeks!

The included images are credited to the official Pokémon facebook page

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  • miigamerz

    Great idea!

    Here is my 3DS friend code: 3351 4153 3523
    I will be getting Pokemon X

    Wii U NIntendo ID’s:

    my main account: King_gronk
    My second account (black ops 2): IEatFatKatz

  • X – Y

    Pokemon X – 4167-5676-4989

    • miigamerz

      added 😛

    • Dchops


    • Dustinuzz

      2380-4538-9325, add me I added you!

  • miigamerz

    i’ve bred a couple of froakies. Anyone want one let me know

  • Dr.Teabag

    Add me @ 4210-4500-3523

    • Dchops


    • Dustinuzz

      2380-4538-9325, I added you, add me please!

  • BJ

    My code is 1719-4195-6195 please add me i need a ditto safari

  • Dustinuzz

    2380-4538-9325, add me, need a lot of pokemon!!

  • vBreeezey

    my is 3024-7199-1115

  • Udai Shinta

    mine is 0748-3854-4495 plz add me :)