Toon Link has been announced for Super Smash Bros

By Michael On 26 Sep, 2013 At 08:40 AM | Categorized As Characters, Smash Updates, Super Smash Bros | With 3 Comments

toon linl

Sakurai has announced that Toon Link will be returning in the next Super Smash Bros.

Sakurai from miiverse:

Toon Link joins the battle! Just Look at those innocent cat-eyes! The Legend of Zelda HD is out in Japan today

I like the art-style. From the screens it seems he will be similar to his brawl counterpart.

screen-1 screen-2 screen-3 screen-4 screen-5 screen-6 screen-7 screen-8 screen-10

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  • Juhis815

    While this somehow makes sense to promote the HD remake of Wind Waker, but I’m quite disappointed that possibility of specific character that I have wished for Super Smash Bros. will get slimmer when old characters from earlier games in series make a return.

    • miigamerz

      i believe there might be 40-45 spots in the new game. Which leave’s very few slots for new character.

    • Dchops

      Although I would prefer more newcomers over “clone” characters, I must say that Toon Link looks awesome in these screenshots. I actually preferred Toon Link over adult Link in Brawl, but I think that had more to deal with balance. Let’s hope there is better fighter balance in the new entries, and that the “clone” characters feel even more different than their counterparts.