Nintendo, please don’t screw up the online multiplayer for the next Super Smash Bros.

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Nintendo, please don’t screw up the online multiplayer for the next Super Smash Bros.

The gameplay fundamentals for Super Smash bros have remained sublime ever since the original. No one can argue against the series pedigree as a high quality game on top of its genre. Clearly, from what we have seen so far, Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS will continue the trend of high standards. But, there is one way Nintendo can ruin the game, a mistake that was made in Super Smash Bros Brawl and that was the atrocious online play.

Online multiplayer in brawl was a spectacular disaster. Brawl set a precedent on how not to do online. Not only was it a lag fest of biblical proportions – it also lacked features, customization and implemented the universally hated friend codes. I love Nintendo but after playing Brawl’s online – even I would slap them in the face and yell out “What the hell were you thinking”.

super smash bros for wii u luigi and megaman

Take that!!!

I can excuse Nintendo back in 2008 for not having good online multiplayer because of the limitations of the Wii. But it is no longer 2006 or 2008 for that matter – in this day and age having poor online in games is no longer excusable. If Nintendo repeats similar mistakes with the new instalment of Super Smash Bros, then there will be hell to pay.

A perfect opportunity presents itself to Nintendo, this is redemption for Sakurai and his team – all the wrongs can be undone if they nail online multiplayer in the next instalment. If there was a game that will prove- for once and for all without a doubt – that Nintendo can make a sublime online game that is not Mario Kart then that it would be Super Smash Bros. Nintendo has a tendency to prove people wrong, I wholeheartedly believe that the Big N has what it takes to do it.

super smash bros for wii u luigi and rush

Brawl’s Online! ARGHHH

For starters, Nintendo should at least minimize lag as much as humanly possible.  I know it is fairly difficult for a fighter to have lagless online matches but, Nintendo should aim for a state that is playable, a state where the game is actually fun to play online – and not an excruciating show of still images.  Who am I kidding- I want a seamless and lag free experience in online multiplayer. I never settle for second best?  Nintendo never settles for Second best (strictly talking about games)? Why should anyone else?

Nintendo has mountains of cash lying around, so it is about time they spend a little. Perhaps – they could invest in building state of art dedicated servers that will deliver impeccable online for the next Super Smash Bros. Maybe hire industry experts in net coding. Admittedly, I have no idea how these things work – but my point is Nintendo must invest into online multiplayer.

super smash bros for wii u Villager throwing arrow back at pit

Spammers are noobs

The lag was not the only peeve for online in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The root of the problem was that online multiplayer was bare to the bones – it had no substance, no meat, no muscle – it was a freshly picked skeleton that the vultures left behind. Online in brawl lacked modes, features and customization –it was a paradox – it was the opposite of local play which was packed to the rafters – it was everything that Smash Bros wasn’t.

I have great expectation for online play in the next super smash bros. You learn from your mistakes right? Finger’s cross Nintendo learnt a lesson or two with Super Smash Bros. Brawl. So, I expect a comprehensive online multiplayer complete with modes and options. I want ranked battles, tournament modes, online leaderboards (for break the target’s and homerun contest), customization, communities (like in Mario Kart), video sharing and Miiverse integration.

super smash bros for wii u donkey kong luigi and mario

I’m going ape shit

My grievances come from the desire to play Super Smash Bros with people around the world. The Smash scene in Australia is tiny and exclusive. For someone, like myself, that has very little time to travel for meets – online is vital. Playing with my noobish friends is not going to cut it this time around. I want to be the best. So to be the best you must play against the best. Online multiplayer is the only chance for someone who lives down under to play against the best. Mark my words, when I go online in the next Super Smash Bros – I am going to wreak havoc. 😛

As you can already tell, I am in desperate need for a good online experience in Super Smash Bros. At the end of the day, I will still enjoy the next Super Smash Bros, but if Nintendo delivers a subpar Online experience – I will just loose it. I’ll go ape shit with an uncontrollable fit of rage. I will go Donkey Kong on someone’s ass. Please Sakurai, I beg of you – please don’t screw up online multiplayer for the next Super Smash Bros.



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