Rumor: Pokemon X&Y full pokedex

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I saw this on a forum which was taken from Serebii. This is an unconfirmed but it is an extensive and detail lis of the Pokemon X&Y Pokedex. Check it out below.

650: Chespin, Grass.
651: First-Evolution, Grass. Chestnut head guard, arm guards, and leg guards. Spiky back, and wields a spike like a little sword.
652: Second-Evolution, Grass/Dark. Heavily armored like a samurai-bandit and spikier, dual-wields pin swords. Has a little scar near its eye.
653: Fennekin, Fire.
654: First-Evolution, Fire/Psychic. Tail splits into three, red fur grows over parts of its body and its ear-fur grows out.
655: Second-Evolution, Fire/Psychic. Tails splits into nine tails, fur patterns brings to mind a kimono. Ear-fur now resembles a maiden’s haircut.
656: Froakie, Water.
657: First-Evolution, Water/Fighting. Foam now resembles a kabuki-style wig, and grows black markings around face like a kabuki player also.
658: Second-Evolution, Water/Fighting. Foamy hair is even more wilder, longer than its body and can be controlled it looks like at will. Star-shaped head and more black markings.
659: Basic, Normal. Little yellow-whitish mouse with black dot markings which makes it look like swiss cheese. Has big buck-teeth.
660: First-Evolution, Normal. Body is fat and “Pac-Man” shaped, looks like a cheese wheel, and is mostly all mouth, with upper and lower buck teeth sticking out of its large mouth.
661: Fletchling, Normal/Flying.
662: First-Evolution, Fire/Flying. Looks like a mix between Fletchling and Talonflame, body shapes is like a mix of Staravia and Pidgeotto.
663: Talonflame, Fire/Flying.
664: Scatterbug, Bug.
665: Spewpa, Bug.
666: Vivillion, Bug/Flying.
667: Bunnelby, Normal.
668: First-Evolution, Normal/Ground. Turns more brownish, and ears resemble the teeth of a bulldozer.
669: Basic, Normal. Spherical ball creature that’s divided in white and purple, with the little jester cap on and little shoes.
670: First-Evolution, Normal. Larger, with a frill around its neck that’s like a tent. Has a little head at the top with clown make-up, and arms now.
671: Second-Evolution, Normal. Mostly remains the same but has four arms, and juggles around multiple of its first-form (guess it’s like Magneton, not actually multiple Pokemon).
672: Dedenne, Electric/Fairy.
673: Basic, Psychic. The Pokemon called “Espurr” by WPM, it’s a white/black siamese cat with very large eyes that take up most of its face, and a slit (which opens up in its evolutions) above them.
674: First-Evolution, Psychic. The Pokemon called “Meowstick” by WPM, its body is very long and slender, and it has a third eye on its head.
675: Flabebe, Fairy.
676: First-Evolution, Fairy/Grass. Flabebe grows a little dress, and has little flower-buds around its head. It now carries around the more elaborate flower above its head like a parasol.
677: Pancham, Fighting.
678: Pangoro, Fighting/Dark.
679: Basic, Bug. Tiny green mantis, its antennae are longer than the rest of its body and bent in the middle.
680: First-Evolution, Bug/Psychic. Larger mantis in a meditative stance, with a little white “beard” coming from its face. Looks a bit “kooky”.
681: Basic, Normal/Flying. Dodo-looking brownish bird with a hooked beak and squarish head.
682: First-Evolution, Normal/Flying. Big bird, like a shoebill, with a large beak and hook-shaped tail-feathers.
683: Swirlix, Fairy.
684: First-Evolution, Fairy. Resembles a large, fluffy pink yeti, with a huge tongue. It has little eyes around its body, implying its made up of multiple Swirlix joined or something it seems.
685: Spritzee, Fairy.
686: First-Evolution, Fairy. Very human-shaped and brings to mind a harpy, has a demure looking white mask on the back of its head.
687: Litleo, Fire/Normal.
688: First-Evolution, Fire/Normal. Grows a bit bigger, and red hair resembles a pageboy look. Has little red scratches along its body. Tail turns a reddish color.
689: Second-Evolution, Fire/Fighting. Able to stand bipedal, resembles the Coat of Arms-style lion. Red hair wraps around its head like a crown, and has a beard. Red fur is around its front-body like a robe. The tail has a red orb in the center like a scepter.
690: Skiddo, Grass.
691: Gogoat, Grass.
692: Basic, Poison/Electric. Alien-like glowing purple humanoid with a mushroom-shaped head, there is glowing dust around its body.
693: First-Evolution, Poison/Electric. Glowing UFO-shaped body with eyes around the middle, has a stem from the top that splits into four spidery legs it walks around on. The little body of its pre-evolution dangles below the UFO-body.
694: Basic, Dark/Ground. Has a tongue that looks like Diglett, with a red dot on the front and little “x” eyes, emerging around the tongue from the ground is a large, mouthed monster with sharp fangs, like an angler-fish I guess.
695: Basic, Steel/Rock. Little metallic millipede creature with a claptrap metallic mouth, and a segmented body like a train.
696: First-Evolution, Steel/Rock. Larger and more train-like, with the train grill looking mouth on both sides of its body, so it’s perfectly symmetrical.
697: Basic, Rock/Electric. Appears to be a Fossil Pokemon, little saber-tooth tiger with plug teeth fangs. It’s wearing its evolutions pelt over its head and back.
698: First-Evolution, Rock/Electric. Larger and powerful looking saber-tooth tiger with black thunder stripes around its body, and two little spikes near its ears.
699: Basic, Rock/Ice. Appears to be the other Fossil Pokemon, little (but still pretty big) mammoth that also wears its evolutions pelt around its back. Has snowflake shaped ears.

700: First-Evolution, Rock/Ice. Large grayish mammoth with brownish fur, looks more elephant than Mamoswine, with bits of snow covering its back.

701: Inkay, Dark/Psychic.

702: Malamar, Dark/Psychic.

703: Clauncher, Water.

704: First-Evolution, Water/Fire. The black stripes become red, and its larger claw becomes bright-red as well. Its tail resembles exhaust pipes.

705: Skrelp, Poison/Water.

706: First-Evolution, Poison/Water. Pretty much becomes just larger and more wavy-like, with a longer snout and bigger fins.

707: Basic, Poison/Steel. Stingray creature that’s shaped like an anchor, little purple specks dot its body, and its got a chain-linked tail.

708: Orotto, Ghost/Grass.

709: Basic, Ghost/Ground. Muddy zombie, with top-half of skull covering its face and a slack jaw and dumb expression. Has a bone stuck through side of its head.

710: First-Evolution, Ghost/Ground. Larger mound of mud, with the skull face in the center of its stomach. Its got a bony spine running down its back.

711: Second-Evolution, Ghost/Ground. Literally the scariest looking Pokemon I’d say, basically a creepy hunched over mud monster with a long neck with a skull at the end, and lots of pieces of bones sticking out. Reminds me of Dead Hand from Zelda.

712: Basic, Rock. Little egg-shaped brown jaggy rock that has little cracks in the front where a beak and eyes can be seen peeking out.

713: First-Evolution, Rock/Dragon. Brownish rock cockatrice monster that looks like a large rooster.

714: Basic, Fairy/Dark. Little horned green goblin creature that has its arms crossed like a tough guy, and its head cocked to the side.

715: First-Evolution, Fairy/Dark. Large and unevenly proportioned larger goblin, with a barrel chest but tiny legs. Has little gold rings on its hands like brass knuckles.

716: Honedge, Steel/Ghost.

717: Basic, Normal/Flying. Lemur creature with flying-squirrel like arms and a long, curly tail.

718: First-Evolution, Fighting/Flying. More gorilla like, black but striped like a skunk, tail shortens but has large fists. The back fur on its body is stuck up like a cape.

719: Basic, Bug. Little Roundish bee with a black striped body, has a little stinger on its head.

720: First-Evolution, Bug/Dark. Large humanoid red-and-black striped bee, it has the appearance of an assassin and uses stingers like throwing knives it holds in its hands.

721: Helioptile, Electric/Normal.

722: First-Evolution, Electric/Steel. The frill around its neck becomes metallic, and it grows larger but stays quadrupedal. It has a little metallic fin running down its back like a Dimetrodon.
723: Basic, Bug/Rock. A little bug that wears a meteorite like a shell, has a head shaped like a comet tail.
724: First-Evolution, Bug/Fairy. Large silver moth with golden streamers and large wings that have a pattern on them displaying the cycles of the moon.
725: Basic, Poison. Cyclopean black and red snake, with a spiky head and tiny arms coming from the front of its body.
726: First-Evolution, Poison. Now looks more like a horned lizard, with arms and legs, and a scorpion-like tail.
727: Second-Evolution, Poison/Dragon. Very large and powerful horned lizard, its tail has a second eye on the end and a mouth.
728: Sylveon, Fairy.
729: Basic, Ground. Little brown pig with spot of green hair, and a red-and-white mushroom cap for a tail.
730: First-Evolution, Ground/Grass. Larger boar, with a spiky hedge of green grass growing along its back. On the end of its tusks are mushroom caps.
731: Basic, Ice. White shiba-inu dog with little shards of ice on its body. Its tail is made of ice-crystals.
732: First-Evolution, Ice. A wolfish creature made entirely of ice-crystals, very sleek and sharp looking.
733: Basic, Ghost/Ice. Floating ghost with seal-like attributes, with a wispy tail. It has no eyes, just black holes where its eyes would be, like a sheet ghost.
734: First-Evolution, Ghost/Ice. Its lower body is black, with the white part having a circus-style frill around its neck like the seals that you see wearing clown outfits in circuses. Its tail is twisted around and looks like curled legs.
735: Basic, Ice. Impish creature with long “carrot” nose, reminds me of Plue from Rave Master. It’s surrounded by a clear orb.
736: First-Evolution, Ice/Fighting. Impish creature remains the same, but a larger snow body forms around the bottom of its orb, like a mecha.
737: Second-Evolution, Ice/Fighting. The snow body grows larger, and is now segmented into a chest and a lower-body, bringing to mind a snowman with legs.
738: Basic, Fairy/Rock. Hand shaped rock-monster with a red or green (there are two colors of them with slightly different designs) gem in the center of its body, its face is chiseled into the gem.
739: First-Evolution, Fairy/Rock. Shaped like a mountain mixed with a multi-layered cake, with red and green gems encrusted into parts of its body.
740: Noivern, Flying/Dragon.
741: Basic, Bug/Steel. Little metallic termite with a buzz-saw on its back.
742: First-Evolution, Bug/Steel. Larger, and has arms equipped with spinning buzz-saws.
743: Second-Evolution, Bug/Steel. Has a large abdomen bigger than its main body, with buzzsaws spinning around it.
744: Basic, Grass/Flying. Little “Pinocchio” onion-creature, with a leafy mask and hole in center with a pinwheel.

745: First-Evolution, Grass/Flying. More humanoid like a super-hero, has giant pinwheel on back, as well as little ones on top of hands.
746: Basic, Water. Little angelfish with fairy-wings, and a little antennae with a halo on the tip.
747: First-Evolution, Water/Fairy. Looks humanoid and mermaid-like, with its fins on the bottom like a dress.
748: Basic, Steel. Resembles a metallic puffer fish, like an aquatic mine.
749: First-Evolution, Steel. Larger metallic mine, with four “arms” ending with mine-shaped hands spreading out in a cross-shape.
750: Basic, Water. Looks like a little dark blue dolphin, but with dinosaur elements to it.
751: First-Evolution, Water/Dragon. Grows more dinosaur-like, growing little legs and its front fins turning into little claws.
752: Second-Evolution, Water/Dragon. Very large and looks like a mix between a dragon and a whale, with a large narwhal horn on its head.
753: Basic, Dragon. Western, reddish dragon that is quite large and imposing. It has horns on its head shaped like a clock hand.
754: First-Evolution, Dragon/Fairy. It actually shrinks as it evolves, and here looks smaller with tinier wings.
755: Second-Evolution, Dragon/Fairy. It’s a cute little dragon creature, with golden wings and a heart-shaped belly.
756: Legendary, Bug/Rock. A very large and powerful looking Rhinoceros beetle with mountain-looking protrusions.
757: Legendary, Bug/Steel. A very large and powerful looking Stag beetle with building-looking protrusions.
758: Xerneas, Fairy.
759: Yveltal, Dark/Flying.
760: Legendary, Dragon. Winged-serpent Ouroboros that’s a purplish-black color with the infinity-symbol running along the side of body.
761: Legendary, Bug/Ground. The presumed leader of the other two beetles, is an Atlas beetle that has a large Earth-shaped sphere it holds in its horns.
762: Legendary, Metal. Metallic knight made of bronze armor. Wields a mace.
763: Legendary, Metal. Metallic knight made of silver armor, has a more feminine from than the bronze one. Wields a lance.
764: Legendary, Metal. Metallic knight made of golden armor, very streamlined and short. Wields a sword, which looks a bit like Honedge’s.
765: Legendary, Poison/Fire. Resembles Mewtwo slightly, except much more alien-like and strange, with a insectoid mouth. Its body is purple with red markings, and appears to be melting.
766: Event Legendary, Fighting. A tough little pug-dog that has a broken chain-collar around its neck, and a makeshift helmet on its head.
767: Event Legendary, Electric. Looks like an old man with curly white hair covering his face, wielding a large staff. There are two lighting bolts sticking from his head like eyebrows.
768: Event Legendary, Psychic/Fire. Looks like #765, except doesn’t have the weird melting going on and is completely red. Seems to be a “perfected” version, once more looks a lot like Mewtwo.
769:  Event Legendary, Fairy/Steel. Very weird, a strange 3D box-shaped structure with Unown-styled symbols on the sides of it. There is an orb of light coming from the center.


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