Five 3rd party character’s that would be a perfect fit in Super Smash Bros.

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Five 3rd party character’s that would be a perfect fit in Super Smash Bros.

Earning a spot on the Super Smash Bros. roster is a difficult task but a great honor for any video game mascot. For Nintendo’s lesser known mascots,  it could be an impossible task to earn a spot over the popular character. With Sakurai and his team being so stringent with the Smash Bros character lineup – you can imagine how difficult the task can be for a 3rd party character to earn a covenant spot.

With this said, in my opinion there are 3rd party mascots that would be a perfect fit for Super Smash Bros. Now, before I get your hopes high, the fact of the matter is that many – perhaps all – will not be included in the next Super Smash Bros.

So here are five 3rd party mascot’s that would be a perfect fit in Super Smash Bros.



Bomberman will fit naturally amongst Nintendo’s mascots. I feel that Bomberman has the highest chance in making the cut. Just think about it – it is an iconic character born when the industry was young, it has appeared in almost every Nintendo console (except the Wii U and 3DS) and it would be very easy for Sakurai to make a Bomberman play style in Smash Bros. Formerly, owned by Hudson, Konami currently holds the rights to Bomberman. Konami doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with Nintendo – so this could be wishful thinking on my part.



Out of Namco’s mascot – Pacman is the most likely to be included into the fighter line-up. Aesthetically, the Pac will blend in nicely alongside Ninty’s character – plus it would be an easy affair to design a play style for Pacman. Namco is indeed co-developing the next Super Smash Bros – so there is a reasonable chance that a Namco mascot could make it – fingers cross that Pacman makes the cut.

rayman Smash


Rayman is a bit of a long shot, but Rayman has all the qualities to be a fighter in Super Smash Bros. Can you imagine, Rayman flying around the stage with his helicopter ears? He can use that projectile orb from Rayman 3D as one of his special moves. I would love Rayman to be playable, but the chances are slim.  Ubisoft has been a great supporter of the Wii U but the fact the Legends was scrapped as an exclusive has left me doubting.

professor layton

Professor Layton

Yes! Yes! You caught me red handed. Professor Layton isn’t exactly a perfect fit for Super Smash Bros. But he is a character that makes sense. Owned by the independent Japanese developer – Level 5 – Professor is an adopted Nintendo franchise. It will be challenging for Sakurai to develop an appropriate play style – if Sakurai can make Villager work then is there no reason he can’t make Professor Layton work.



Bayonetta will stick out like a sore thumb amongst Nintendo’s mascots. Her raunchiness and sex appeal will ultimately result in Bayonetta being left out. But one cannot neglect the fact that Bayonetta will be a bad ass in Super Smash Bros. Her final Smash can be that Hair demon that she often summons to finish of bosses. Bayonetta can use her pistols as one of her specials and throw in her Panther transformation in as an attack as well. Platinum Games and Nintendo, for a lack of a better term, are in bed with each other – so the close relationship could garner a spot for Bayonetta.

What are your thoughts?

What other 3rd party Mascots would you like to be included?

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