Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review for Wii U.

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roxio game capture hd pro

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro Review for Wii U.

Recording high quality gameplay and uploading to YouTube can be an expensive hobby. A gaming HDPVR can easily cost over $200. If you are looking for a superb capture device at an affordable price then don’t look any further than the Roxio game capture HD Pro.

If you are using the Wii U then the Roxio game capture HD pro is very simple to setup. All you need is two HDMI cords. One HDMI cord connected from the TV to the device and another HDMI cable attached from the Roxio game capture HD pro to your Wii U.  The device is powered by USB – so there is one less cable. Less cables means less mess.

The software is the only blemishes in an otherwise perfect product. In my experience the capture software can be very volatile and unstable. It can work perfectly one day then it will crash repeatedly the next. The capture options is quite barebones. I would of love to have a feature that can record live commentary.  Luckily Roxio game capture HD pro has a live stream feature so you can stream live to Twitch TV.

Not all is bad with the Roxio game capture HD pro software. The device is accompanied with its own video editing software. The software is feature rich and comprehensive – it even has a feature to add your own commentary. Although, I used Sony Vegas Pro to edit my videos not everyone has the option to use a professional software – especially as one as expensive as Sony Vegas. I definitely recommend Roxio game capture HD pro editing software over the skinnys Window Live Movie Maker. You get a HD capture device and an excellent video editing software – it is incredible value.

The most important aspect of any capture device is the quality. Roxio game capture HD pro capture up to 1080i which is fantastic. I do not own other PVR’s but I have heard that the quality is on par with the more expensive competitors. Below you can check some footage I capture myself.

Overall the Roxio game capture HD pro is a solid product and is incredible value for $150. If you are looking for an entry level HD capture device then definitely go for the Roxio game capture HD pro.

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