Why familiar fans should buy the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

By Michael On 27 Aug, 2013 At 12:29 PM | Categorized As Features | With 1 Comment
I am lost at Sea!!

I am lost at Sea!!

Normally, I would not consider buying a HD collection or remakes. Apart from Ocarina of Time 3D, most times, I see these ports or remakes as quick money grabs. Money is tight, and games are not cheap, so being selective is essentials. Of course, Ocarina of Time 3d and Wind Waker HD were made to make money for Nintendo, there are no other ways to spin this, but at least some effort was made to improve the experience.

I have read a few comments in recent times speaking of scepticism around purchasing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U. Understandably, not all people are going pay full price for a remake of a game that they have already played.  However, in my opinion, Nintendo has made enough improvements in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, for a familiar gamer to sail the Great Sea once more.

Forgive me, if I sound like a Nintendo marketing grunt. Rest assured my cherish readers that I am not getting paid by Nintendo to convince you to buy Wind Waker HD. My motivation for writing this piece is simple – I want the game to do well – therefore I need to convince the 3 million plus players that played the original on the GameCube.

I played the crap out of Wind Waker, so I know everything that is to know about the game. Clearly, it is not essential for me to buy the Wii U version. For someone who has completed Wind Waker numerous times, perhaps my reasoning behind purchasing Wind Waker HD could convince those on the fence. So why would I buy the game – you ask? The answer is simple! I am an inquisitive cat!

No need to pause!

No need to pause!

I am curious to see how the changes improve the overall experience. Mr Aonuma highlighted that criticism was a driving philosophy behind development – so much so – they made a number of changes that could change the overall experience. So it may be worth to give to give Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD another try.

The list of new features and changes are quite extensive:

  • Improved graphics and presentation
  • Streamlined item menu
  • Touchscreen controller for Wind Waker
  • Gyroscope for aiming
  • Faster Sailing with the Swift Sail
  • No longer required to change the wind direction when using the Swift Sail
  • Faster animation when using the Wind Waker and the Crane.
  • Miiverse integration with the Picto Box.
  • Off-TV play
  • Revised Triforce quest – first five charts can be grabbed directly and the last 3 will require translation
  • Tingle’s Island will be introduced in the main quest
  • Hero mode – Double damage dealt by enemies and no hearts will be appear ever during the adventure.

As you can see, Nintendo was not content with only upgrading the visuals of Wind Waker. Not surprising, Nintendo is never content on delivering average – it has to be perfect. I am particularly looking forward to the Miiverse implementation and the gamepad integration. If old Wind Waker fans want to experience the definitive version then they owe themselves to try the Wii U version.

wind waker hd miiverse

With the gamepad implementation aside, it will be interesting to see whether that magic from 10 years ago is still present with the streamlined approach with this remake. Will this be the same Wind Waker we love all those years ago but only improved a bit? Or does the new approach drastically change the experience for better? Or even for worst? Admittedly, I could be looking into too deep into this. It would be easier for me to say to old fans: “Wind Waker was an awesome game so you should get it” but that would be unconvincing.

Even if my personal reasons fail to convince – no one can argue against the perks of the heightened difficulty in Hero mode. I feel that an entirely new Wind Waker experience could be had for old fans if they played hero mode. Just think about it – you get all the neat Wii U specific features, plus the streamlined changes to the main quest topped up by an additional challenge.  I’m not sure about you, but as a Wind Waker fan that sounds mighty convincing.

I’m not preaching to believers, so this piece is not directed to those already on board on the King of Red Lions. For those, on the proverbial fence – I hoped, in some way, this was helpful in persuading you.

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