Nintendo – Where are the Wonderful 101 commercials for the West?

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Nintendo – Where are the Wonderful 101 commercials for the West?

Wonderful 101 has stormed into the hearts of many Nintendo fans and critics alike. Personally speaking of course, in a matter of weeks, Wonderful 101 has turned from a “maybe purchase” into a “day one purchase”.

While the Nintendo community is genuinely excited for the game -I am afraid that the mass consumers will be oblivious to the games existence. Why you say? It appears there aren’t going to be any advertisements for Wonderful 101 in the west. This leads me to the point of the article. Nintendo! Where are the Wonderful 101 commercials for the West?

Currently, the Wii U isn’t performing hotly. Part of the cause was the terrible marketing on Nintendo’s part. You can forgive Nintendo for not advertising during the past few months because there was nothing to advertise. You can’t advertise when there are no games! Right? But when the games do arrive then there is no excuse.

I give credit when credit is due. Nintendo did an admiral job marketing Pikmin 3. But this is not the time to get complacent by waiting for the bigger titles to arrive to begin the marketing push. It is not the time to stop the efforts. Building momentum for the Wii U should start now. By that I mean, that all worthwhile Wii U exclusive must be accompanied with advertisements. You got Pikmin 3 right now continue the push with Wonderful 101.

Besides it would be a down right sin if they don’t give Wonderful 101 commercials in the west. Wonderful 101 has a wider appeal than one would initially think. The super hero aesthetic and high octane fast paced action is highly marketable. In my opinion, Wonderful 101 could sell much more than Pikmin 3 despite being a new IP.

I’m worried that Wonderful 101 is going to turn out to be a sleeper – in that, it will be a hit with the core gamer but largely ignored by the masses. The game is coming out next week in Europe without a sign of a commercial.  About a fortnight before the release of Pikmin 3, Nintendo had already uploaded the TV commercials on YouTube. It appears Wonderful 101 is not going to receive the same love from Nintendo. Sure Nintendo was kind to give a dedicated Nintendo Direct for the Wonderful 101. The trouble is, Nintendo Directs reach is fairly limited, in which I mean that the information is transferred to a targeted audience. It is only through traditional campaigns like TV advertisements can Nintendo reach a larger audience.

It is extremely worrying, that out of all places, to not advertise, it has to be the market where the Wii U is performing the worst. What are you doing Nintendo of Europe/Uk/Australia? You have struggling system, and yet you are not marketing quality software. I know Nintendo of Japan has already prepared advertisements for Wonderful 101. It saddens me that the European counterparts have not followed suit. I will be livid if Nintendo of America ignores the opportunity that presents itself here. Luckily, Reggie has a month before it arrives on North American shores – that is plenty time to organise a commercial.

Nintendo follow your conviction. If software sells consoles, then it would be wise to market your software well.

I will end my rant here. Do you want Nintendo to give Wonderful 101 a commercial in the West? How would you rate Nintendo’s Marketing performance so far for the Wii U? Let me know in the comment sections.


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