Super Smash Bros for Wii U: Pilotwings stage – you fight on the plane.

By Michael On 14 Aug, 2013 At 08:43 AM | Categorized As Smash Updates | With 7 Comments

super smash bros for wii u  pilot wing stage

Today’s update is a screenshot of Samus and Link fighting on the wing of the plane. This could be a potential deadly stage to brawl on.

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  • Selena Gomez

    I wonder if they created a map which is big. You know, really big! And maybe they will also announce that you could play with 4 others, I mean 5 players, 1 with the GamePad, the others with the Wii Motes etc.

    • miigamerz

      i wouldn’t count out 5 player multiplayer. The Wii U is certainly capable of handling it. In fact 5 player multiplayer would be amazing. Thanks for commenting

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      • Guest

        Well I wanted to to participate, but I live in Switzerland, and it wouldn’t work over here :(

        • miigamerz

          would a uk game work there? I can buy games from the uk and send it to european folks? would that buy a good idea for a give away? I don’t want to exclude anyone

          • Selena Gomez

            Nah, it wouldn’t work… Nintendo consoles are region-locked, recently I bought a Eshop card from germany, not even that worked in my Swiss-Eshop account lol, I had to change my region in the 3DS. But I cannot change the region to UK

          • Michael

            region lock has been a real bummer :(

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