5 Weak Pokémon that need a Mega Evolution or a Second Evolution

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5 Weak Pokémon that need a Mega Evolution or Second Evolution

Not all Pokemon are created equal. Some Pokémon are blessed by the Gods – born with amazing stats and abilities. While others are given the short end of the stick – forever neglected by Pokémon masters around the world because of their crappy stats and general lack of usability. With the introduction of Mega Evolution, these 5 Pokémon can be decent if given one. At the very least, they should be given second evolution.

By the way, I am writing from a competitive play perspective.




Luvdisc is the very definition of a useless Pokémon.  Its name and appearance is ironic, it is a Pokemon that represents love, but yet it received none from Game freaks. With all around mediocre base stats (except for speed) and ability suitable for only offensive Pokémon – it is hard to justify a spot for Luvdisc to be a part of your team. Before the release of Black & White, I assumed Alomomola would be the next evolution of Luvdisc, turns out Game Freaks wanted to screw Luvdisc even further.



Farfetch’d has been the victim of neglect for 5 Pokemon generations. While some Pokemon have been given notable boosts with the introduction of each new generation – Farfetch’d isn’t one of them.  I like Farfetch’d  – it is aesthetically pleasing, but its stats and move pool is atrocious. With a Mega Evolution, I can see myself using Farfetch’d for lower tier battles.



Spinda is the definition of a crappy Pokémon. Spinda has overall poor stats, useless abilities and limited move pool. Even the art style is uninspiring. Nothing will convince me to put Spinda on my team unless it is given a decent second evolution or mega evolution.



Delibird is in the same boat as Spinda but with a terrible type combination. Nothing more to say.



Dunsparce isn’t a bad Pokemon…. Well, not as bad as the Pokemon above. It has one decent stat and a solid strategy (paraflinching). It requires a lot of effort to make Dunsparce work. Even  looking at this unusual Pokemon, it is obvious that Dunsparce can evolve further, it is unfortunate that Game freaks has not yet decided to give it one. Fingers cross, when Pokemon X&Y is released, that there is a second evolution or even a mega evolution in line for Dunsparce.

What other Pokemon would you like to have a mega evolution?

Stats from Smogon – go check them out.

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  • James Tuddrussell

    Farfetch’d actually has a pretty good move pool.

    • Michael

      i think you are right http the move pool is not that bad ://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/farfetchd/moves. It just doesn’t have the stats to be damaging

  • krazehh

    Poor Quilfish is always forgotten.