Game Freaks new game is a Solitaire Horse racing game – titled Soriti Horse

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soriti horse

A few days ago, Game Freaks (the developers behind the Pokemon series) teased fans with the an upcoming announcement of a new game. Naturally, this would excite any Nintendo fan. I have to confess – I was expecting something big from the Pokemon creators.


Well………. Game Freaks new game is rather unusual it is a mix of Solitaire and Horse racing. Not what I was expecting- actually rather disappointing. Nontheless a worth game in the 3DS eShop.


The game will be titled Soriti horse. I don’t fully understand the concept of the game yet. Nintendo Life has said that the game has two main designs. The first part is the Solitaire aspect – where player can nature their horses and develop strong relationships. The second aspect is the horse racing – granting players control of the horse during the race.


The game will be out in Japan on July 31st and will cost 500 yen. No word on a western release.


Check out the screens below:


Whip itPlay your cards right


This is going to hurt...CONGRATULATION.



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