The PS4 & One will surpass the Wii U on pre-orders alone… Don’t make me laugh

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At times, it is hard to understand the logic behind certain people especially those blind with bias.  For some individuals, the possibility of the Wii U becoming successful is so absurd that their ability to think rationally and logic are severely affected. In fact, any optimism for Nintendo and Wii U is retorted with vitriol comments, one after another, like a constant flow of diarrhoea.


Let me explain the context of my lividness. A few days ago, while scouring the internet for the latest news -I came across some ridiculous comments under an article on the subject of Wii U sales. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with these types of comment, but they were too numerous to ignore, too idiotic to debate with a simple one line response. Needless to say, these comments left me with a brain haemorrhage.


What troubles me the most, is that there is a worrying proportion of a community that believe that the PS4 and Xbox One will outsell the Wii U (i.e sales to date) on pre-orders alone. The mere idea is ridiculous- truly face palm worthy. I highly doubt both the Xbox One and PS4 will each sell over 3 million during the holiday season, let alone sell 5-6 million on pre-orders.


I just don’t get it! I honestly don’t! Let me get this straight. Because there is hot demand for pre-orders, that somehow equates to the PS4 and Xbox One already outselling the Wii U- what a laughable fallacy. I do not need special powers to see into the future to know these people are incorrect.


Just read these comments:


“What a joke. I’m sure both the PS4 and the new Xbox will sell more in preorders than what the WiiU will sell by that time”


“The Xbox one and ps4 will out sell what the Wii u sells in the end just in pre orders”


“Man…Nov/Dec is going to be hilarious, I cannot wait to see how people like you react when the PS4 does better sales in a month than WiiU has done in total. “


“I think ps4 and xb1 already outsold wii u”


“Considering that Amazon said PS4 was selling pre-orders at a rate of 2500 per minute and the launch allocation sold in out 48 hours, that’s over 7 million pre-orders. Even if only 50% actually follow through, that would be more PS4’s sold on launch day that Wii U has sold in 6 months. And this is juts Amazon’s numbers. Add in Gamestop, Best Buy and anywhere else and it’s much higher.”


“Preorders are enough to know that both will outsell the Wii U.”


“They have probably already outsold the Wii U in pre-orders alone. Not shitting on the thing but it isn’t doing good at the moment.  Not that it can’t pick up in a year or two just saying.”


Like my Uni Professor for history once told me – you need only to study the past to see into the future. Clearly, the only way to expose the follies of these people is to look at past console launches. According to NPD, the Xbox 360 sold 326,000 units in its first two weeks on sale in North America in 2005. The PlayStation 2 sold more than 500,000 units in its first day on sale in North America. And the Wii sold over 600,000 in the first week. I hope you are getting the picture – never has a console launched with sales figures over 1 million on day one let alone the 5 million needed to outsell the Wii U. To think that the PS4 and Xbox One will surpass the Wii U on pre-orders alone is absurd. I hate to burst your bubbles – it is not going to happen, not in a million years.


I’ll give these people the benefit of the doubt.  Let’s say, the PS4 and Xbox One are commercially phenomena’s – the two gaming giant will not have the capacity to manufacture 6 million consoles.  Do I need to remind you that consoles don’t grow from trees? Do you believe Sony and Microsoft will each have 6 million console ready for pre-orders and in addition stock left for the holiday season? The numbers look off – doesn’t it?


I anticipate that I will be the recipient of many “you are an idiot” comments. Please understand, I am not hating on the Ps4 or the Xbox One. Not once, did I prophesize the failures of the console. Nor did I, herald victory for the Wii U. Perhaps, the underlying message behind all this, is that, don’t let your bias fog your ability to think rationally.

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  • TwinTails

    The PS4/X1 may be too expensive for people to make the jump from last gen and focus too much on graphics. History tells us that 3DS outsold Vita, PS2 outsold GCN/Xbox, DS outsold PSP, and Wii outsold PS3/360. The PS2 sold so well despite being $300 at launch, the same price as the Wii U.

  • Charles Crowe

    I have to say I agree. I recently got banned from a site for even suggesting that Nintendo beat Sony at E3. It was labeled extreme trolling to suggest Nintendo did something better.

    • InsaneChronos

      And I was banned from another site for saying that Monado is a crap. So what? And yes, Nintendo was the worst at E3.

      • Anonymous

        Did you even watch Microsoft’s conference? It was Sony’s E3 2006 all over again. Nintendo’s was predictable in what games they were showing off but Smash Bros and Mario Kart both look amazing in HD.

        All Microsoft have gone on about since their conference is Titanfall. Does it not say anything about what they really had when they are just hyping up the one game?

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        That’s only because Nintendo actually has a ton more exclusives in development but decided against revealing more games because they wanted to shed more light the imminent games up through 2014…Nintendo could have won if they wanted to but you know what they say: slow and steady wins the race. Look at Sony, they had a slow start this past-gen but eventually caught up, did they not?

  • WEL

    Wii U has sold only 3 millions in almost a year. Meanwhile the PS3 at $600 sold the same in just 2 months. And now with the hype that is pushing the PS4 right now nothing can stop it.

    • Aiddon

      yes, mostly because the PS4 and X1 kinda lack a lot of unique titles for the moment. The Wii U has no less than a dozen through spring of 2014. It’s a lot closer than some want to admit, mostly because insecurity is rampant in the so-called “hardcore” fanbase

    • Jaxon Holden

      Actually, it’s sold more around 4 million in half a year. But again, what does it matter how well it sells? Sony fans are used to their precious love company abandoning ship if their hardware doesn’t take off right away (think Vita), and because of that probably expect Nintendo to follow suit. Unfortunately for all the Nintendo haters who actually WANT the company to fail, Nintendo never abandons its hardware, regardless of how bad it sells (Think Gamecube, or 3DS in its first year). On the contrary, Nintendo gives MORE support to its hardware when it doesn’t sell well, and the quality seems to improve as well. So the Wii U isn’t going away, not any time soon. Not until they release their 9th gen console anyways. And people will buy Wii U- people ALWAYS buy a console when there’s games on it to play, regardless of which console it is. Same applies to Vita- if and when it gets full support and a massive AAA 1st party lineup, it’ll probably catch fire too.

    • Charles Crowe

      The PS4 hype is just fanboys and Sony viral marketing. Same thing happened with PS3 and it spent finished dead last when next started with the Wii U launch

    • miigamerz

      Take your own advice, i think you should delete your comment to save yourself from embarrassment. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about

      1. Where did i say the Wii U will sell 9 million in the article?
      2. America is one of the biggest gaming market in the world, irrespective of that, if we factor in europe and asia, do you still believe the ps4 will sell 6 million on day one?
      3. Just looking at your figures, ps3 sold 3.5 in two quarters (Q3 and Q4) that is a period of around 6 months.


  • Anonymous

    I still think Nintendo will be laughing it up next year. Is £349 a good price for what the PS4 is? Definitely. Is it a mass market price to carry Sony for as long as some think it will. Doubt it. As for Xbox One what can you say? Removing the DRM features doesn’t change the fact that £429 for a console is madness. Sony couldn’t charge that price when PS3 originally came out. MS actually think they can get away with it with the UK market in the state it is? Not a chance!

    It seems people are still blinded by things on the table. Nintendo will have all their big hitters out in time for Christmas with the other big wigs to follow next year.

    Wii U is going to have good sales and be extremely successful for Nintendo at the end of the day. Anyone disagreeing is having mass wishful thinking.

  • brianc6234

    Yawn. The Wii U is garbage. Why would anyone waste their money on that thing? For about $50 more you’ll be able to buy a PS4 and have a real next gen console.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Keep telling yourself that bullshit. Regardless that PS4 has more horsepower, it’s always about the games. If there are no games to maximize the capabilities of PS4 throughout its life cycle, what good would the console be at all if we only got the best of it at the beginning? Nintendo is just starting out and know their own hardware better than anyone else. I bet you that in at most a few years time, there will be games that demonstrate what Wii U can do and have extremely comparable levels to PS4, one of those games being The Legend of Zelda. Don’t buy a Wii U if graphics are the main fun factor of your game and console decisions, but if you’re a real hardcore gamer, then when Nintendo starts rolling out titles on a hot streak, then you will wish that you’d gotten the console sooner. Games to have to look realistic to automatically dictate that the console it’s on is powerful; it’s all in the art style and overall aesthetic of a game. I’m not console biased at all, but I’m just giving you the heads up on all the Wii U experiences you’ll regret never checking out. If it bothers you that much, play on PC so that you don’t have to implode ur brain thinking about all the specs and features that make PS4 better than Wii U. I want all three next-gen consoles-and even PC- but whomever thinks because a console doesn’t use graphics to the same degree as its competitors has really got another thing coming when Wii U comes back full tour de force in due a year time. You’ll see. I’m always right. If you actually played Wii U you’d understand the appeal of the console itself and the games that showcase and will showcase it’s long-term potential.

      • Cole Tamblyn

        You honestly think the WiiU will be supported and have more games then the PS4? Besides the few first party titles, everything else you can get on another console and Sony has more first party titles.

        • Jaxon Holden

          No, it probably won’t. Almost certainly it won’t. But the 1st party titles that are released are so phenomenally good and fun, it makes the console worth it. That’s why people like Nintendo. Because the fun factor for the games they do make is through the roof. I don’t think anyone’s going to argue it will get as many games as PS4, and gamers such as myself will have already pre ordered PS4 for that very reason. But as a gamer, I cannot fathom missing out on the games coming to Wii U over the next 5 years or so. I just couldn’t do that to myself.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Finally: Someone who actually understands the philosophy behind Nintendo’s games. Can’t wait for Zelda Wii U..though it’s still way off, I’m pumped for Wind Waker HD and Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 to name a few.

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          You actually believe quantity over quality will win the race? you’re an absolute idiot. And for the record, if you didn’t play on at least one Nintendo console growing up or even play one up to the present, you had no childhood AT ALL. Got that son?

        • Charles Crowe

          It has more games atm than both next gen consoles combined. What first party titles have been announced? So far its 2 year old PC ports and more rehashes of the same games last gen.
          Sony fans will say anything to justify their stance. WHen it was PS3 it was quality first but now that they don’t have that and charge for every aspect of online Now its about how many you get, they can all suck now but it gives them bragging rights even though they never support Sony software in any way beyond online forums.

    • Jaxon Holden

      You’re a moron. I buy consoles for the GAMES and the GAMING EXPERIENCE it can provide, not to set on a shelf like a trophy and brag about how much RAM it has. Yeah, I pre ordered PS4, but guess what, I’ll be spending close to $1,000 with Nintendo on games for the Wii U this holiday season and early 2014, cause there’s THAT MUCH awesomeness on the menu. Meanwhile, Sony will see a whopping $60 from me on games this holiday season, because that “real next gen console” doesn’t magically provide fun. You’ll probably stare at the PS4 menu screen for fun, just cause it’s a “next-gen menu screen”. So you’re just cheating yourself with your blind bias, not any of us. If saying the Wii U sucks makes you feel better, go ahead. I welcome you to knock it. Isn’t gonna stop me or millions of others from having the time of our lives with their killer line up. I think people like you can’t afford 2 consoles, so instead of admitting you’re missing out on some of the best games ever made, you’d rather lie to yourself and convince yourself it wasn’t any good anyways.

  • Aiddon

    I go by history; console launches usually have a significant launch, but then lull into low sales for the months afterward. It’s happened every single time. I doubt the PS4 and X1 are going to buck that trend, especially since the Wii U is going to have a LOT of exclusives coming out for the next year or so.

  • ant9141

    Everyony saying the price is too high, millions upon millions of people buy Ipads for 500$ everyday. There hasnt been a major console launch like this in 7 years. Yes the past can help us predict whats going to happen but its not 100%. also word from manufactures are by Sept they will be able to manufacture or (at least have the insides done) at a rate of 1mil a month for PS4.

    • Charles Crowe

      Last time I checked you aren’t forced to pay an extra 50 a year to get full use out of your Ipad. Also Ipads do a lot more than the PS4.

  • Stealth

    wii u will be fine

  • Jaxon Holden

    Who cares if Wii U sells or not! So what if it sells 10 million consoles in its lifespan, so what if it sells 100 million consoles in its lifespan! Does this matter? Regardless of how successful the console is, Nintendo will ensure it receives full 1st party support from the day of its release to the day of their next gen console after it. Which means, the Wii U’s sales have NO IMPACT on how much fun I will get from the system over its lifespan. I bought Wii U for the 1st party titles, nothing more, and bought a PS4 for the rest. Now, if it were Sony (as with the Vita), it MATTERS how successful the console/handheld is because apparently Sony is willing to abandon ship a year in if it’s not selling well. But with Nintendo, they NEVER abandon ship on a mainstream console or handheld, sales be damned (and no, VB was not a mainstream console/handheld). Look at Gamecube. Poor sales, excellent 1st party library. One of the best actually. Hell, I HOPE Wii U doesn’t sell well. It seems Nintendo gives 110% when the console isn’t on fire.

  • Charles Crowe

    Sony fanboys are desperate right now. They are still trying to concince ppl online is free when Sony said openly it wasnt and any online must be paid for. They act ad if 2 year old pc ports and more rehashes id true next gen gaming. These sheep are idiots. They cant brag about ps4 and have no gsming knowledge but they still spew their bs as if its fact. Ps4 will be sonys last console and i cannot wait. they made gaming casual and most of their fanboys are 12 year old idiots… just go to to see truly ignorant fanboys.

    Sony can keep its over priced poor mans console. For the 800 its going to cost to own and use one for 7 years. id rather upgrade my pc then get more ports of games I played two years ago.

    Remember sony fans talk a lot of bs but it has no bearing in reality. Vita is a comple bomb, out twice as long as wii u but wii u caught it.Ps3 was dead last for 7 yeard, barely in second now. What bs their 12 year old fanboys never happens. they couldnt make ps3 number 1. didnt supprt vita or Move. i could go on.

    Sony fans are once again proving why they are the laughing stock of gamers today. no backbone, constantly changing opinion based on what sony does. for xbox u must include live payments but dont do that for ps3.

  • Mauro Villalobos

    Guess which console has 1 million pre-orders now…? Don’t know? It’s a little machine called…..PS4! Harharhar!

    Anyways, the PS4 and Xbone will obviously not sell more than Wii U at launch, that’s just ridiculous. But they probably will in a couple of months (PS4, not sure about Xbone). Good article, though.

    • Michael

      I admit PS4 preorder’s are better than i expected. I do believe we will see the best launch numbers in history with the PS4. Thanks for commenting

  • Parapraxis

    Hmmmmm… seems some of these predictions might actually be right.
    BTW I was the 3rd person you quoted in your article 😉
    (Also note, I didn’t include XB1, I figured PS4 alone)

    • miigamerz

      hahaha was that you? I do apologies for your one. PS4 would easily do if it were not for the supply issues. However, I am correct in all other accounts. 😛