EA sports: Wii U owners have to be content with Madden NFL13

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EA sports: Wii U owners have to be content with NFL13


The power of EA sport will not be on the Wii U. It is unusual to see EA’s annual sports games skipping  a home console. So it came as a surprise that the next installment of EA’s Madden NFL games will be skipping the Wii U.


Thomas Singleton from EA sports has said that Wii U owners “will probably miss out”.


“I think the Nintendo fans will probably miss out a little bit, but the Wii U version that we created last year was a great product and you can continue playing that product because it’s not going anywhere – it’s still there,” said Singleton. He continued  “Whether or not we’re shipping a new version?  We’re not.”


I’m from Australia, so the sports games made from EA don’t appeal to me. However for those who live else where, I suppose you have to be content with the rushed versions from the Launch window.


Source: news10



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