Wonderful 101 will be 20 hours

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Wonderful 101 will be 20 hours

Sometimes it is hard to read Mr Kamiya. A couple of months ago, Kamiya went on the record saying that Wonderful 101 can be finished during one day. However Kamiya has now flipped flopped and said the game will be 20 hours long.


So, we do pay attention to the length. It’s something that I try to put in a lot of volume into it, but also reward players who are able to play it quicker and better, and so the experience of course in that case ends up shorter. But the focus on replayability has been something really strong, especially in Bayonetta and Wonderful 101, and even Resident Evil 2 so you could get it down to a two-hour play session.

In The case of Wonderful 101, we really try to pack a lot of different ideas into it, and it got a lot bigger than I thought. And in fact we estimate that a normal play session would be 20 hours. Personally I think that I kept piling stuff on and I realized “Wow, this is going to be a pretty big game.” But that notwithstanding, replayability is a really important factor, it has to be sort of easy to play in the sense that you don’t get tired of playing it, and you would be able to ultimately play it in a day.


20 hours is a bit long for an action game. Wonderful 101 will be a day one buy. It will buy out on August 23rd.

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