Super Mario Galaxy

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Super Mario Galaxy Review


I know this is a belated review but it is better late than never.


Mario has always pushed the boundaries of the industry. It has defined the 2D platformer and redefined design of 3D games. When you think Super Mario can’t get any better, Nintendo does it again. Nintendo reaches for the stars and discovers new galaxies. This innovative, creative and sublime platformer, is not only is one of Mario’s best adventures but one of the standout game of the generation. It is hard to imagine where Mario goes from here.


Bowser continues his unusual obsession of kidnapping Princess Peach. This time Bowser has taken Peach to the center of the universe and the only way to reach her, is to power up the Observatory with power stars. This is classic Mario. So don’t expect complex storytelling, character development and dialogue trees.  If you bought Super Mario Galaxy for the story, then you have serious problems.


Super Mario Galaxy is all about that delicious gameplay. That beautiful, delicious and succulent gameplay. Nintendo really outdid themselves with Super Mario Galaxy. There is so much variety and innovation oozing out, that I have ran out of superlatives for Super Mario Galaxy.


I did not always think like this. There was once a time, when I thought Super Mario Galaxy was a rubbish game. Yes you heard me; I called Super Mario Galaxy a rubbish game. So what changed my mind? I just did not understand why people loved Mario so much. So I decided to play through the game again. The second time playing through the game opened my eyes to the brilliance of Super Mario.


In a nutshell, the basic goal is to overcome obstacles to obtain the power star. But the level design of Super Mario Galaxy will keep you engage from star 1 to star 120. The sheer variety and quality is mind boggling. The levels have their fair of challenges and difficulty. One level you could be traversing through the sky on a giant Dandelion. The next level you could be balancing yourself on a ball across a mini golf like course. There are boss battles, time trials and races. I’m sure there is much more to do in Super Mario Galaxy, but naming all of them is a colossal task. The best part is that each power star feels unique and rarely feels similar to a past objective. Earning them is quit rewarding.


The real draw of Super Mario Galaxy is the fancy gravity physics. In fact this game design is an important facet of Super Mario Galaxy. Jumping into gravity has a nice sense of weight and verticality, plus there is some nifty level designs around it. I love the 2D platforming levels.  There is a lovely twist with gravity which forces Mario to run and jump on both the floor and ceiling.


Let’s not forget the power ups.  The usuals like the Fire Flower and Rainbow star make a return. However there are some new power ups that will hopefully make a return once again in the future. My favourite and the most used is the bee suit. Just like the name suggests, Mario transforms into a bee. Apart from the fact that Mario looks awesome as a bee, the Bee suits grants Mario useful abilities. You will be able to cling on adhesive surfaces and fly for a short period of time.


The controls are tight and precise. Controlling Mario is responsive and natural. However it does take time to get accustomed to the gravity. There are motion controls in Mario. You can the pointer to collect star bits in distance. Tilt the control to balance Mario on the balance ball. Shake the nunchuk to do the Mario. The motion inputs don’t add anything substantial and the game will not be poor without them.


It should take around 10-15 hours to finish the game, but if you want to collect all the stars, your playtime could easily triple that number.


The presentation value in Super Mario Galaxy is sublime. As limited the Wii is in the specs, Nintendo sure knows how to make an incredibly good looking game. Super Mario Galaxy is the undisputed king of the Wii. Galaxy is clean and crisp. There is a level of detail and texture in Super Mario Galaxy that is commonly seen in a HD console and not on the Wii. The music is equally superb. Fully orchestrated and wonderfully composed. Listen to Gust Garden Galaxy, and you will understand what I mean.


In terms of negatives, I can’t think of anything. I can’t really fault Super Mario Galaxy. It does take a while to get into the game. For some it may be repetitive to collect the power stars, but just like myself, just give it another go and you will not be disappointed.


If you read up to this point, you will already know how I feel about Super Mario Galaxy. Sublime, magnificent, excellent, wonderful – there is not enough superlatives for this game. If you have not played Super Mario Galaxy at this point of the generation, then stop whatever you are playing and insert Mario Galaxy in your Wii.

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