Resident Evil Revelations Review

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Resident Evil Revelations Review

Welcome back Resident Evil. Oh how I missed you. Resident Evil has not been itself in the recent years. The series has moved away from the scares and has become just another action flick (just like the movies). Im going to be frank, Revelations is the best game from the series I have played since Resident Evil 4. All the things that make the Resident Evil great make a welcome return in Revelation. The Scary atmosphere, scarce supplies and the cheesy voice acting – the things you love in the old resident evil are all here.  But it is unfortunate that the game falls back to its nasty habits.

The story in Resident evil revelation is rather substandard. Jill Valentine and her new partner, Parker Luciani, are sent out to investigate SS Queen Zenobia, the last known location of Chris Redfield. What unfolds is a terrible nightmare filled with deadly creatures. It isn’t spectacular or engaging but it does get the job done.  The best aspect of the story is how it unfolds. Capcom cleverly uses episodes very similarly to the nature of TV series like lost. It is perfect for a handheld game, players can manage episode better when gaming on the go. It is a clever narrative device that benefits the pacing and the story of the game.

Resident Evil Revelation is definitely one of the best looking titles on the 3DS. Character models are fantastic, the environments are detailed and Jill’s curves are well rounded. The game sports superb lighting and with a nice gloss. Capcom has outdone themselves on the presentation of Revelations.


The game can be quite scary. The enemies are quite creepy and can attack you in monstrous ways. There is a part in the game where you do not have any weapons. What I love is going into the water within the ship – just like getting stalked by a shark; you can attacked by a scary amphibious monster. The game has the scare you want from a survival horror.

I must get this out of the way. Revelation definitely needs the circle pad pro. I tried the other controls schemes and it just didn’t feel right. The best control scheme is the circle pad pro with the typical 3rd person shooter button layout.  Without the additional circle pad shooting and aiming is clunky and unnatural.

Combat is great, if you use the circle pad bro. Enemies have the perfect balance of health and deal a great deal of damage. Since ammo is scarce, taking accurate head shots is ideal but taking time to take a shot might not be the best strategy when dealing with multiple enemies. Killing enemies in revelation is non-essential in most parts of revelation. Most times you can evade enemies without wasting a single bullet.

Capcom has added a bit of depth to combat. You can add customizable parts to weapon giving your equipment extra edge against enemies.  It is nice to have the extra depth to the combat.

At its best, Revelation is the perfect resident evil game. Reminiscent to the games of old, the game has the scary atmosphere, limited atmosphere and the claustrophobic feel that fans have been pleading for The rusty ship lends itself well to the game.  Naturally a large freight will have tight corridors and the rustiness of the interiors adds to the scary atmosphere. Being stuck in an abandoned rusty ship is the stuff of nightmares.


What I enjoyed the most is the slower pace of the game. Revelations has a greater focus on puzzle solving and exploring the environments – the two aspects that were dearly missed in the linear nature of resident evil 5. The game has a Metroid feel to exploration, there will be areas early in the game that cannot be accessed with a particularly item, so you will be returning to locales several times

Capcom has included a brand new and nifty Item called, the Genesis. Genesis is a scanner device with multiple purposes. Using the gyroscope of the 3DS or the circle pads you can scan the environment to uncover hidden supplies like herbs, keys or for precious ammo.  Just like in Metroid prime you can also scan enemies and certain objects, which is essential to solve environmental puzzles. Cleverly, you cannot wield the genesis and a weapon –  so players are forced  to be cautious and weary of their surroundings before using the genesis.

My biggest issue with Revelation, is the occasional action sequence. Why Capcom? Why must you insist on action? These parts are so out of place – it baffles me why Capcom even included them in the game.  It can become blatantly obvious that the upcoming stage will be an action sequence – the developers will line up the first room with a large amount of ammo, the exact opposite of a good Resident evil game. These sections are downright boring. There are no scares, no puzzles, they are not even good action sequences.  It is going through the motions, kill all the enemies  and move on to the next room. Luckily these sequences make up a small proportion of the game.

Resident Evil Revelation is a superb game. Perhaps the best game I have played from the series since Resident Evil 4. In my opinion it could be the best the series has to offer if Capcom did not fall back to its nasty habit. Nevertheless revelation is a must buy for any 3DS owner or for any true Resident Evil fan.

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