Mighty Switch Force Review

By Michael On 19 Jun, 2013 At 04:12 AM | Categorized As 3DS Reviews | With 0 Comment

Mighty Switch Force


Mighty Switch Force is an interesting game. It blends platforming and puzzle genre to create a unique and unexpectedly fun little downloadable game.


A story or elements that would resemble a coherent story is non-existent. In the opening scene a number of female prisoners and it’s up to the might switch force team to recapture them. Well you can’t expect an E-shop game to have gripping story.


What I find unusual is that the Prisoners, when most would be running, are just sitting around. Kinda silly isn’t it?


The animation and artstyle are subpar.  It is more in line with a flash game you can play on your browser. The Mighty Switch Force does not utilize 3D in any meaningful way, which is a huge miss opportunity.


The biggest pitfall is materializing a block while your body is directly over. It seems like something you can avoid easily, but trust me you will make the mistake many time over.


Like I said before, Might Switch Force is quite unique. The game blends platforming, puzzle solving a a bit of shooting. At its heart the game is a puzzle.  The core element is the switch design. By pressing the L button you activate the switch- which solidifies blocks or it could be the opposite by making them translucent.  Players can make a platform to reach higher, create a bridge or launch themselves by cannons.


It is a simple gameplay mechanic but is enhanced by really clever level designs and puzzles. At times you have to jumps and time an activation to reach high places. Things can get even more trick when you have to guide an explosive creature through a series of launchers. The latter stages are extremely trick and difficult. The game tests the essential skill of any gamer – timing and puzzles solving.


Might Switch Force does not rely on the same gameplay design. Every stage has its own unique twist – you never get that repetitive feel that usually occurs towards game completion.


If I have one complaint – is that the game is a tad short. If you manage to master the skill – it can easily take one or two hours to complete to beat the 16 stages. You can aim to beat the par time or post a best time but there isn’t much to do afterwards. For what you pay for, I guess it is a fair deal.


Mighty Switch Force is a very solid downloadable game. For the price of $7.50 you get an excellent puzzle platform that would be many retail puzzle games to shame.

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