Pushmo Review

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Pushmo Review


Pushmo is an inventive puzzle game that fully utilizes the 3D capabilities of the system. Don’t be fooled by Pushmo’s cutesy aesthetics – the game is incredibly fun, challenging and with over two hundred puzzle it has fantastic value.


The premise of Pushmo is very simple. You control a cute little character known as Mallo. The mission is simple. You need to push a variety of different shape blocks to create steps to reach the stop. It’s a genius design for a puzzle game and an extremely fun to boot. There are rules to make the game challenging. It wouldn’t be a Nintendo game without the twists and turns. Firstly there is a limit to how far you can pull the blocks out and you cannot pull a block you are standing on. Furthermore you cannot push a block unless you have room on the side.


Pushmo eases player into the game – the first sets of puzzles are easy and introduces the gameplay quite nicely. But don’t expect the game to remain easy for too long. Puzzle further along down the track are notoriously hard. They require lateral thinking – pushing your ability to solve puzzles.


The game is aesthetically pleasing. Although not technically a good looking game – Pushmo has a bright colour palette and has crisp look. Pushmo luckily is one of the few 3DS title that uses 3D well. The extra field of depth from the 3D turned can be vital in solving puzzles.


You can tell the developers had a lot of fun. Puzzle design vary from dinosaurs toNintendo Murals. With 250 puzzles to complete – Pushmo is incredible value for your hard earnt dollar. Players can create their own puzzle and share them with other via the 3DS QR.  Some of the user generated puzzles are fantastic – you can tell some users just didn’t bother with the puzzle elements but made fantastic mural.


Pushmo is a fantastic little puzzle in Nintendo’s E-shop. With a fantastic assortment of puzzles and an original gameplay design Pushmo is a one of kind experience only to be found on the 3DS. If you have a couple of dollars lying around then definitely give Pushmo a try.

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