Mario Kart U: I want Bigger, Faster and Better

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Mario Kart U: I want Bigger, Faster and Better

Mario Kart U is coming. It will make its debut at E3 2013. The Juggernaut system seller will be vital to stream life into the Wii U. That said, it is time for the series to evolve into a bigger, faster and better game.  Here is what I want in the upcoming Mario kart U.

Two screen multiplayer

mario kart uWii U marks the death of Split screen multiplayer (at least for two player competition). At the bare minimum – two player multiplayer should be delegated to the TV and the gamepad screen. Sharing a screen is a jurassic concept. We are not in the 90’s people.

Cockpit view

mario kart u (1)

This is more of a gimmick. Nevertheless, I think this would be cool in Mario Kart. Mario Kart 7 introduced cockpit view – a first person view from the cockpit. With the second screen on the gamepad, two perspectives can be viewed simultaneously. On the television display the normal 3rd person perspective is shown, while on the gamepad it displays the 1st person cockpit view. Like I said before, it is gimmicky but it would be a neat feature.

Track editor

little big planet

The Mario Kart series is begging for a track editor. These days, it is almost standard for arcade racers to have track editor and creation tools. Mario Kart clones such as Modnation Racers and Little Big Planet karting have superb creation tools. While the actually gameplay leaves more to be desired but the level editors takes these games to a whole new level. The point is that Mario Kart needs more features to keep the experience fresh. Let’s face it; Nintendo has perfected the arcade experience. What more can they add to the gameplay mechanics? Making your own levels would be awesome. Just imagine sharing and playing player generated content online. I expect many players will create wack levels with insane difficulties.

I want a Mario Kart 7 but bigger, faster and better.

In my opinion, the Mario Kart series reached its peak in 7. Mario Kart 7 had customizable karts, superbly crafted tracks and a robust online multiplayer.  Like I said before, Nintendo has perfected the Mario Kart series. When the series has passed its 20th birthday, it is expected that Nintendo has already nailed the gameplay. The only thing left to do is to make everything bigger and better.  All I ask for is more racing tracks, characters, karts and online options. Wii U is certainly capable beyond the Wii. Just like Sakurai packed the Super Smash Bros with tons of content, Nintendo should do the same here.


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