Prediction: The Wii U will make a comeback by the end of the year

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Prediction: The Wii U will make a comeback by the end of the year

Wii U will make a comeback by the end of the year. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Yes, I am dead serious. And no, I am not on drugs. I concede that many people in the gaming media and community has already written off the Wii U. I have observed the industry long enough to know these claims are ridiculous. Many people wrote the Wii off back in 2006, the same mistake was repeated with the 3DS, and now it is happening again with the Wii U. The community has a severe case of amnesia, miraculously forgetting the mistake they have made in the past, and then repeating them again while striding in blissful ignorance.

I digress. The point of this article is to convince you that the Wii U will make a comeback by the end of the year. By that, I mean the Wii U will be selling healthily. Honestly, it is not a question whether if the Wii U will make a comeback, but when the Wii U will make a comeback.

next gen

I have faith, that by the time the PS4 and 720 (tentative title) arrive on the market, the Wii U will be at full force to combat them. The Wii U is an enormous threat to the competition, regardless what individuals claim to the contrary. To dismiss Nintendo and kick them while they are down is a fatal error in judgement. Just like the 3DS, Nintendo fought back despite an overwhelming onslaught of negativity, now it is the best-selling dedicated gaming device in the market, and no mercy was given to its competition.  Besides it is not like Nintendo to give up without putting up a fight, even though a vocal proportion of the community who would love to see that. Nintendo has the muscles to flex, and their big guns have yet to make an appearance. Mark these words – Nintendo and the Wii U are not going down without putting up a spectacular fight.

Disagree with me as much as you want, that does not negate the changing tide of the Wii U. The solution to the problem is obvious. The Wii U needs games. It needs games, games and more games. The good news is that the Wii U will be receiving a plethora of titles that will change the console from a “should I purchase” to a “damn, I want one now” decision.

wonderful 101

Slowly but surely, the Wii U will pick up momentum when the games arrive.

By the end of the year,  the Wii U should have: Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Game & Wario, Pokemon Rumble U, Yoshi’s Epic Yarn, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Black List, Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Resident Evil: revelation, Batman Origins and the 7 titles from Sega.

And then there is the strong possibility of Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft’s X, Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei, Wolfenstein: New Order and Call of Duty: Ghost arriving this year. Let’s not forget the inevitable announcement of new games through Nintendo Directs and E3. No More Heroes 3? Red Steel 3? Star Fox Wii U? F-Zero U? Battalion Wars 3? Grinder Wii U? Monster Hunter 4 Wii U? Resident Evil Wii U? Grand Theft Auto 5 Wii  U? Maybe Retro Studio’s game might make its debut.

But wait, none of these games are certified systems sellers! –  I hear you say. That may be true but by increasing the number of quality titles the value proposition of the console appreciates. Essentially the point I want to get across is that as more quality games become available for the console, the consumer has more incentives to invest into the consoles. It is the same principle as ‘value for your buck’. Does the system have any game I want to warrant a purchase? Does the system have the games I want? In this regard, the Wii U is currently failing in. By the end of the year, this should not be a problem.

Most importantly the Wii U will be getting its system-seller by the end of the year. I know many will be asking, what system sellers are coming to the Wii U this year?  Is this guy full of Sh#t? My answer?  Mario Kart U and 3D Mario. Yes, I know the two games have not been officially revealed. Yes, I Know the two games have not been given an official release date. This is conjecture on my part – an informed prediction as I like to call it.  I have a good feeling that these two games will be coming to the Wii U by the end of the year. I will bet my entire collection of Pokémon cards on it.

super mario galaxy

Nintendo will repeat the same strategy as the 3DS, releasing the duo when the competition arrives. A brilliant move by Nintendo if true, essentially giving the Wii U a handy edge during the holiday season. There is no denying that Mario Kart U and a 3D Mario game will be system sellers. These are just facts. Any Mario Kart and 3D Mario game can move millions in a short period. This duo will build up the excitement around the Wii U, move millions of consoles and more importantly they are essential evergreen titles that will continue to sell well years after their release. They are the type of games that the Wii U desperately needed during the launch period. These are the games that will entice the consumer to buy a Wii U. Mario Kart U and 3D Mario are the games that will single-handily change the fortunes of the console around. Once again Nintendo will look to Mario to save the day even if they don’t arrive during the holiday season.

I anticipate that I will receive a fair share of flak for my optimism, but that is Aye Oh-Kay with me :D. What is the usual rhetoric’s again? Wii U is underpowered, Wii U is current gen, EA is not supporting the Wii U, the PS4 and 720 are going to destroy the Wii U and let’s not forget about Nintendo is only  for kiddies retort. Convincing argument that the Wii U is doomed. Isn’t it? I stand by my opinion with pride and confidence.  Besides it is not inside the realm of the impossible -in my eyes it is entirely plausible and highly likely that the Wii U will make an amazing comeback.

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  • heavenshitman1

    At the end of the year, when PS4 and 720 have released (in probably only a couple territories). WiiU will be cheaper, have a higher install base and those A grade games.
    PS4 and 720 will have to sort their launch woes out, system faults, game delays etc.. PS4 is all hype and Vitas being whipped. Will have to await 720 for at least one or 2 concrete details

    • Mike

      thanks for commenting. Really appreciate it

  • Dr.Teabag

    When the price of the 720 and PS4 get announced, you can bet your bottom dollar that ”Little Timmy’s Mom” will get him a Wii U. Not to forget the people who don’t want to spend $500-$??? on a console.

    • Mike

      agreed! It is ludicrous for anyone to think the PS4 and 720 are going to take off if the prices are rocket high. Thanks for commenting. Can your opinion on this site? i am looking for constructive criticism.

  • Carboneossa

    Agreed! Props for speaking up when the entire industry seems convinced that NINTENDO IS DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED

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