Why these “Wii U is doomed” claims are ridiculous.

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Why these “Wii U is doomed” claims are ridiculous.

Yes, I know the Wii U has its fair share of problem. To deny the current poor performance of the Wii U is to live in ignorance.  I am not going to lie; I am a tad upset that the Wii U is struggling. But I refuse to live in La La land and believe everything is all good in the house of Nintendo.

However, I dislike the prevalent pessimism towards Nintendo (and the pessimism in the industry in general). Any sign of weakness from Nintendo; the media will go into a feeding frenzy. Nintendo, an injured animal struggling in the water of the Amazon, the taste of blood triggers the media into a frenzy like a school of Piranhas.

I am all for criticism. Criticism is good. I don’t mind if the media criticizes Nintendo. By all means go for it. But I hate these “Doom” claims. What happened to the optimism in the community? In an industry as volatile as the Games Industry, where developers and publishers can go under from one mistake, it is embarrassing to be a part of a community that revels on the idea of a company failing.


This is not an issue isolated to Nintendo. I am not going to play the “Nintendo is the Victim Card.” Sony, Microsoft and other companies have taken their fair share of flak. This is a critique of the attitude of the community. Stop with the negativity.  Please!

Let’s go back to the topic. Wii U has been getting a lot of articles claiming that the console is doomed to fail. I find these claims ridiculous, almost crossing the line of stupidity. It is unclear whether these authors are delusional or just writing for hits. Why do I find these “Doom” claims to be ridiculous? For the simple reason that it is too early to tell the fate of a console, especially when said console is only 6 months old.

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Remember video game consoles have long lives. The life cycle of a console is a marathon and not a sprint. I am going to use this marathon analogy. Here is a champion runner with over 25 years of experience and a cabinet full of success. Now at the start of his next marathon, the spectators notice that the champion runner is going slower than his normal pace.  The crowd immediately writes off the champion so soon after the race begins. Let me ask you this. Is it rational to write off the champion racer at the beginning of the marathon? Isn’t it possible that the Champion racer can improve during the 38 km left until the finishing line?

Proclaiming the doom of a console so soon after its launch is utterly ridiculous. I will ask you similar question as before. Is it rational to claim the doom of the Wii U 6 month after its launch? Isn’t it possible the Wii U can improve during the next 5 years?

Yes, the Wii U has its problem, but that doesn’t necessarily suggest that the console is doomed. History teaches that a poor launch does not determine the future of the console.  Many people would agree that the PS3 launch was disastrous and yet Sony reverse the fortunes of the console. I doubt any of those doomsayers would say the PS3 is a doomed now. Even more recently, the 3DS launched with sluggish momentum and yet again the console made a remarkable comeback. Is the 3DS doomed now? Nintendo has shown the capacity to make a comeback and yet many still write them off.

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If you observe the nature of a console launch logically, apart from the initial 2-3 months when the dedicated fans buy the new console, generally the first year sales will be comparatively slow.  In the first year the console will be at its highest price, most games will be at full price, the library will be limited, the marketing campaign has begun, and some of the console features will not be ready.

Just look at the last four console launches; the PS3, 3DS, Vita and the Wii U. All these consoles struggled with one or many of the issues I stated in the above paragraph.  The PS3 battled with a high price and limited games. The same can be said with the 3DS. The Vita is being restrained by poor marketing by Sony. And the Wii U has similar problems as the other consoles. As the console mature all of these hurdles will eventually disappear.

In short, it is too early to doom the Wii U. In two or three years, the Wii U could sell like used soiled underwear and possibly be doomed. In that scenario then it would be appropriate for these articles. But as of now, people need to relax.

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