Do a Barrel Roll! Ideas for Star Fox Wii U.

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Do a Barrel Roll! Ideas for Star Fox Wii U.

One reason that the Wii was such a disappointment was the absence of the Star Fox series on the console. I concede that the series has waned in quality during the GameCube era. But neglecting a series, as iconic and legendary as Star Fox, for an entire generation is a criminal offence. Nintendo has a perfect opportunity with the Wii U to make things right for the series and for the Star Fox fans. In fact, I believe with the Wii U gamepad, the series can once reclaim its lost accolade as one of Nintendo’s killer apps. So here are my ideas for Star Fox Wii U.

Asymmetric Co-op in the Campaign.

One of the key selling points of the Wii U’s gamepad second screen is asymmetric gameplay. If you are still unsure what asymmetric gameplay means, 1up has a fantastic article explaining asymmetric gameplay.  Essentially, asymmetric gameplay means two players will have separate experiences as they play together.

great fox wii u starfox wii u

There are so many possibilities for Star Fox Wii U to take advantage of the  gamepad. For example, the player using the gamepad will be piloting the Arwing while the other player on the television will be manning the cockpit of the Great Fox. The Arwing, the more nimble machine, will be picking off the smaller target. The larger but slower, Great Fox, will be ploughing through the enemy armada by sheer force. Both players are in the same battle, playing at the same time, but their experiences are completely different. The combinations don’t end there. Perhaps Arwing + Landmaster. Maybe Landmaster + Blue Marine. If you have played Metroid Blast in Nintendo land, the experience will be very similar, but implemented on a grander scale and in a full campaign.

Completing two objectives simultaneously in one mission.

This is an extension of my first idea. Star Fox is primarily a rail shooter, but certain missions can change into free range mode in a moments notice. The freedom in such missions can lead to interesting set pieces. With the asymmetric gameplay possibilities of the Wii U, missions can assign specific objectives to players. Just visualize it. Player one’s responsibility is to destroy the enemies base and while the second players assignment is to hold the allies lines. It is just like the team work in a squadron. The key to a successful mission is cooperation and synchronization.

starfox wii u

UI improvements

This is probably the most pedestrian use of the gamepad. I expect this to be the bare minimum for Star Fox Wii U. The gamepad screen will show the radar, ammo supply and the communication screen. Its very purpose is to clear the television screen.

starfox wii u

starfox wii u

Cockpit view

This is more gimmicky than my other ideas. Nevertheless, I still believe this would be quite cool in Star Fox Wii U. I call it cockpit view. Essentially, the gamepad screen will show the view from the cockpit. The television will display the usually 3rd person view. The beauty of this, is that you can play the game two ways. On the gamepad you can play Star Fox Wii U like a first person shooter. Or you could play normally on the television. Brilliant ain’t it?

starfox wii u

So here are my ideas. Do you like them?

Do you have ideas of your own?

Fire them off in the comment section.

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  • Michael Balderas

    I love your ideas. :), I totally agree, Star Fox is an amazing series, but just because the Gamecube games weren’t that great doesn’t mean they should abandon an incredible series!
    I think we should have a Star Fox game with a good story line. Maybe the game can start where you play as James McCloud, and you have to save everyone aboard a ship you’re on, and of course James eventually dies saving everyone. Then the game will change and take place as Star Fox when he is younger in training for the Military or something, and he is on a Search to find the one who killed his father (Obviously Andross). I think Star Fox would be amazing if they really opened up to the Story of Fox McCloud and his Journey.
    I kinda want the game to be a little like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Have an open world for Fox to Explore, then he can travel to places like Corneria, or other planets. Im not saying it should just be a Zelda game with Star Fox slapped over it, but Star Fox does need some great changes to make it even better.
    I love your idea of co-op missions. The Multiplayer in Star Fox is great but Co-op missions would be so much better! They are thinking of making the new Zelda game capable of having Co-op also, so why not Star Fox?
    I also kind of want the battling in Star Fox to be a little different. Even though I love the on-rails flying missions, maybe we should be able to explore space even more. I don’t want the Star Fox game to seem so limited, so maybe in In Space Battles we can move around Freely and have Objectives to reach the Final Boss. I think a sense of Exploration of the Galaxy in Star Fox would be superb. Maybe we can have a mixture of both on-rails gameplay and one where you are free or something.
    The land missions could use some touching up too. Maybe we can chose what weapon’s and guns to use. Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, all would be pretty cool for Star Fox to use.
    I don’t know if my idea’s are really good, and maybe im expecting them to change Star Fox too much. Still though, I want them to reinvent this series, and make it as great as it was in the 90’s.

    • Mike

      I never considered an open world. That is a fantastic idea.Thanks for commenting

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