3DS will become an unstoppable monster this year

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3DS will become an unstoppable monster this year

3DS is selling remarkably well. It is incredibly how Nintendo managed to turn the fortunes of the handheld  around so quickly. It seemed like it was only yesterday that the 3DS was doomed. It was one 3DS is doomed article, after another 3DS is doomed article, after another.  Is the 3DS still doomed haters? I don’t think so.

3ds is doomed

This year is going to be huge for the console. I think this is going to be the biggest year the 3DS will ever have. Im calling it now, the 3DS will become an unstoppable monster. It will be the number one selling video game console of the year, and i don’t think any other console will contest the race.

No doubt the 3DS will be overshadowed by the announcements  and arrival of the next generation console from Microsoft and Sony. Lets face it, next gen consoles is exciting stuff and eyes will be on them this year. But we should not forget about the enormous potential of the 3DS.

bravely default: flying fairy

So far the 3DS has started the year with a bang with incredible titles already on the market. America has gotten the critically  acclaimed Fire Emblem Awakening with Europe scheduled to get this amazing title at the end of April. Luigi Mansion 2 has been received well by the critics and the community. The onslaught of high quality games don’t stop here. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Project X Zone. And the possibility of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy coming to the west.  Add these games to the already amazing 3DS library – you may be seeing the makings of one of the greatest handhelds of all time.

monster hunter 4

Here is where my monster metaphor comes in. The 3DS will be getting two monster related games that will guarantee the console a position at the top of the charts. The first one is Monster Hunter 4. Although Monster Hunter 4 is unlikely to leave Japan this year, but that won’t stop it from selling incredibly well. Japan is absolutely crazy for Monster Hunter. It is the Call of Duty equivalent for the Japanese (but so much better). Vita is making a comeback after the price drop, but without a Monster Hunter game, the 3DS is almost guaranteed domination in the land of the rising sun. The handheld battle will be officially be over in Japan, I don’t see the Vita contesting the 3DS after the release of Monster Hunter 4.

pokemon x&y

The awesomeness of the 3DS doesn’t stop here. Perhaps one of the biggest games of the year and a title that is likely to light up the chart like no other, is Pokemon X&Y.  A series first, Pokemon X&Y will have a simultaneous worldwide release.  Consequently the 3DS will get a huge boost in all regions. A really huge boost. Hopefully the next generation Pokemon will breathe more life into the average 3DS sales number in North America and Europe. Pokemon alone will be more than enough to dominate the charts. The 3DS is constantly at the top of the charts without Pokemon, imagine what happens when it comes out. It will be Nintendo domination all over again. Grand Theft Auto 5 will likely cause a huge spike in the PS3 and 360, but I can’t see GTA being a big enough force for the HD twins to overtake the 3DS for a significant period.

I think it is safe to assume this will be another successful year for the 3DS. The 3DS will hit it’s stride and will become an unstoppable monster, from both a sales and software perspective.

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