6 Future Improvements I want to see in the Wii U

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6 Future Improvements I want to see in the Wii U

Video game consoles are like fine Wines – the more they mature the better they get. Just think about it. The deeper into a consoles life cycle – the games look better, the game plays betters and the console generally performs better. Just like last gen, the PS3 and 360 have improved so much from their infant self, it almost seems they are completely different consoles. Right?

The Wii U is no different. When the Wii U starts to hit its golden age – we will see amazing looking games, the console will deliver amazing experience and hopefully the community will finally recognize its potential. As it stands now, the Wii U has room for improvement; actually plenty room for improvement. The beauty of the situation is that Nintendo has time to implement improvement to the Wii U. Here are 6 future improvements I want to see in the Wii U.


1. Unified Tropy/ Achievement system

Achievements/Trophies have been implemented into almost every game, that it has become almost a standard for every software release to have them. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy achievement hunting and obtaining a covenant platinum trophy.  The Wii U really missed the mark by not implementing a unified achievement system. I understand that not everyone enjoys achievements. Those who don’t like them can simply ignore them, and those who  do enjoy them would love achievements on the Wii U. It won’t kill anyone just to have some form of achievements on the Wii U. Will it? Make it happen Nintendo. Make it happen! Just imagine how much more value can be added to New Super Mario Bros. U if it had achievements. Many of Ninty’s franchise can benefit from achievements. That is my opinion.

wii u pro controller

2.Revamped pro controller

I don’t like the Wii U pro controller. There are things I like. And there are things I absolute hate about it. I get the impression that the Wii U pro controller was a last minute implementation to please the core gamer. It is the small design flaws that bring the Wii U pro controller down. Why the glossy finish? Besides the problem of finger marks – I hate how the glossy finish retains the oil from the palms.  Furthermore the exclusion of a headphone jack is criminal.  It’s 2013 Nintendo, please get with the times. I don’t want to be tethered to the Wii U gamepad all the time. I don’t like chatting while playing Black Ops 2 but sound advantage from a professional headset is essential.  Having the Wii U gamepad beside me, even when I am using the pro controller is annoying. This is a personal nit-pick, but I would like the buttons to be a little bigger. Finally, replace the digital triggers with analogue. I know I have been quite harsh with my criticism on the Wii U pro controller, but it can be fixed easily

wii u battery

3. Extended battery life for the Wii U Gamepad

This one is a little harder to implement. But Nintendo needs to find viable solution to the gamepad poor battery life. From personal experience, the Wii U gamepad last between 5 to 6 hours.  I have managed the battery well, but I believe Nintendo should not be content with the Wii U gamepad’s battery life. How do they Fix it? Maybe they should follow Nyko’s suit by having adding a peripheral to the gamepad. Maybe when Nintendo develops a longer lasting battery, we can replace the existing battery with the newer version. Will Nintendo find a viable solution to the Wii u’s gamepad battery life? It is unclear now, hopefully Nintendo has something in their pockets

voice chat wii u

4. Improve voice chat.

Voice chat on the Wii U is a huge problem. Nintendo’s official stance on the matter is that it is up to developers to implement voice chat. The PS3 was heavily criticized for the absence of cross-game chat. One would assume that the next gen console will feature cross-game voice chat. It is a bit unfortunate the Wii U doesn’t have it from day one. Wii U has a lot more ram than the PS3 and there is even a built-in mic on the gamepad. So implementing cross-game voice chat should be easy to implement into the Wii U by a system update.


5.Miiverse app for websites

Miiverse is a revelation for Nintendo. Currently Miiverse is one of the Wii U’s killer features; I can see it taking off from here and expand into new territories. We know that Miiverse is coming to PC and smartphones, but the details on the implementation is scarce. I would love a Miiverse app for websites. Just like the Twitter and facebook widgets. Follow mii-gamer.com on Miiverse! Mii-gamer.com on Miiverse! Miiverse would be really awesome on a community forum.  Wii U and Miiverse has untapped potential, it would be a disaster if Nintendo does not unleash it

wii u

6.General stability of the Wii U

Yes. Yes. I know Nintendo will continue to update the system to improve the speed and stability of the console. The next update will significantly reduce the load times. I just find the need to mention this. As it stands the Wii U is a little volatitile – it takes a while to load up games and sometimes it freezes on a regular basis.

Here are my ideas. Do you have any improvements you want to see in the Wii U?

Fire them off in the comment section.

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  • kokkeman

    The Wii U has something, other consoles doesn’t have, an actual input device, the gamepad with stylus and it comes standard with every wii u. With this, games and apps that r normaly only for pc’s (because the need of kb&mouse) can work great on the wii u also. Think of games where you need to pixel select, drag, wipe, type etc. Think of apps tha let u use the cam and mic, save your pics and video’s that can edit them like freeware fotoshop Gimp or a cool video editor, and share that on your social media sites etc. This possibility is not wel known or appriciated yet but i think that it will be Wii U’s greatest advantage!

    • brianc6234

      Boring. That’s not a gaming controller. Get an iPad.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DjKing1994 King Daniel

    Uh no for Trophy and Achievements. We don’t need that.
    We can just share our gaming experiences through Miiverse.

  • Aiddon

    the first one I will gladly do without. Trophies and achievements are mostly just worthless fluff, though admittedly Nintendo DOES do those systems the best as seen with Kid Icarus: Uprising and Smash Bros. However, it’s not gonna kill anyone to leave them out.

    Secondly, your only legit criticism of the Pro Controller is the lack of a headphone jack. The glossy finish is, at best, a pet peeve

    • http://twitter.com/miigamer Mike

      how do you feel about the gamepad battery life?