It is official! Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U is no more

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It is official! Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U is no more

Sega has finally broken their silence on the matter, Aliens: Colonial Marines Wii U is officially canned. Aliens Colonial Marines was schedule to be out by the end of the March for the Wii U. Subsequently it has missed the window and rumors flew off that the Wii U version was being canned.

Taking to Kotaku, Sega confirmed the news.

We are constantly looking at all areas of our business and in this case have made the decision to not continue development of the Wii U version. Rest assured that we have some fantastic developments for Wii U in the pipeline which we will announce at a later date.”

Well it is unfortunate that the situation had to end like this. But something tells me the game will not be missed. :P

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