What happened to Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U?

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Discussion of the Week: What happened to Aliens Colonial Marines Wii U?

(Before you read this article let me get this out of the way, many points in this article are conjecture and speculation and are not facts.)

Aliens Colonial Marines has been out on the ps3, 360 and pc for over a month now. The game released caused a huge stir in the gaming community – with accusation of money embezzlement’s,  lies from Randy Pitchford and the embarrassment of the terrible quality of the game.

While the dust has settled somewhat since, but there is one question that still remains. When is the Wii U version coming out? Supposedly the game was to be released this month, but the with less than 10 days left and without a firm release date, it is unlikely that the game will arrive before March end.

I have tried to contact Randy Pitchford and Sega via twitter, but to no avail.

So what happened? Well, there are two likely outcomes.

The first option and the most likely at this moment, is that the Wii U version got canned. Perhaps the most plausible reason to cancel the Wii U version, is to avoid any further damage by releasing the disastrous game again on the Wii U. I believe Gearbox and Randy Pitchford would want to avoid any bad press in the near future. Maybe the terrible sales of the Wii U, caused a jerk reaction to cancel the game, to save money on advertisement and production.

Then there is that allegation of money embezzlement. Money that was meant for Colonial Marines was allegedly used to fund the development of Borderlands 2. If this was true, then naturally Sega would delay or cancel the Wii U version, in preparation for a lawsuit. Please be reminded this all conjecture and speculation.

Aliens Colonial Marine Wii U could have been delayed to fix all the issues on the original. Let’s face the facts Alien Colonial Marines is a terrible game, almost every aspect of the game needs improvement, from the dated visuals to the AI. Alien Colonial Marines certainly has room for improvement (in this case a lot of room), a delay for the Wii U version might give them time to improve on the game. If this was the case, I suspect that Gearbox and Sega would want to reclaim some dignity and respect back. But there will still be pissed off fans for getting the short of the end of the deal on the other consoles.

So what is your take on this?

Is the game cancelled?

Has Alien Colonial Marines Wii U been delayed to fix the games problem?

Do you even care if Colonial Marines comes to the Wii U or not?

Let me know in the comment section.




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  • Curt John

    Only thing I want to say is that Sega did, a week or so after release of CM, come out and say that the rumors A:CM was canned for Wii U were false.
    But nothing has been heard since.
    I sure would like Sega to slap them with a lawsuit. Dev’s need to know they can’t get away with this, and frankly I feel the gaming community at large is aching for some comeuppance for Gearbox for being duped with lies, fake game footage and screens, and basically denying any wrong doing in bring this game to us under false pretenses.

    • http://twitter.com/miigamer Mike

      thanks for the reply. it is unusual we have not heard from gearbox or sega about the fate of colonial marines.

      • Curt John

        Well Randy Pitchford stuck his fingers in his ears shortly after launch and has apparently been singing to the tune of ‘lalalalalalalala’ ever since.
        I think it’s kind of hilarious, but also kind of sad. Mad props to Gearbox and Randy for Borderlands 2, for such a simple game they really hit on something special there. And Randy seems like such a cool dude, with genuine devotion to the community. You can’t fake the enthusiasm he has for his games, Colonial Marines included. I feel bad for the guy with what happened to CM. Not because it wasn’t his fault, and he needs to shoulder some serious responsibility along with Gearbox for what happened. But he wanted it to be so good, and really believed it would be for at least a moment there. It’s too bad through a serious of terrible choices the final result was such a mess. But I think they need to accept this, come out and tell the truth and apologize. I think it would be much better PR for them than the silent treatment which is just coming off as insulting.
        I’m even willing to forgive if they man up and take responsibility.
        And at least Infestation was pretty awesome. Oddly the same story… and same name of the new Marines ship.. and Gearbox had a hand in making it.. huh. Ironic it came out a year before and ended up being the superior game.
        Whoops, sorry for the ramble.

  • Curt John

    So apparently ol’ Randy has commented on Colonial Marines Wii U – and his answer was basically the equivalent of putting his palms up and saying “I’unno, ask the other guy.”
    IGN article.

    • http://twitter.com/miigamer Mike

      it is one huge mess lol. Randy dug himself a huge hole, it is gonna take a while before he can climb out of this one. lol lol lol. thanks for the reply really appreciate it, gives me the motivation to continue to work on my site.

      • Curt John

        Yeah. It’ll be interesting to see how he does it. Probably by playing Emu.
        No problem. I think you’ve got a good thing going on here Mike, I certainly hope you continue to work on it.

        • http://twitter.com/miigamer Mike