Imagining Grand Theft Auto on Wii U

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Imagining Grand Theft Auto on Wii U    

2K games and Rockstar have never been great supporters of Nintendo. Besides Manhunt 2 and Grand theft Auto: China Town Wars, Rockstars mature games have avoided Nintendo consoles like the plague. With Nintendo pledging to recapture the core audience, there was a lot conjecture that Grand Theft Auto 5 would make an appearance on the Wii U. However the situation has changed with Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of 2K games declaring his skepticism on bringing core titles on the Wii U. Well for now, a Wii U version of GTA V seems out of the question.  Just imagine the possibilities of GTA V on Wii U. Check out some of my ideas.

Gamepad as a GPS

Grand Theft Auto Wii U












First thing comes to mind is utilizing the gamepad as a GPS. Players can search through the for certain places and set way points. In past GTA titles the UI was terrible. To access the map and set way point – players had to pause the game. Being able to look at the map and setting waypoints on the fly and in real time is much more convenient.

Checking your Rear view Mirror.

Grand Theft Auto Wii U












The second screen can offer a different perspective particularly with driving the car. Imagine the police are chasing, after running over a civilian, shooting down a couple of thugs and stealing an ambulance. The TV screen will display the normal perspective of the Car as you would per normal. However in the gamepad screen you can view what’s happening behind. Just think of it, as checking your rear view mirrors in the car. You get to see what’s happening behind you- you can note how many coppers are following and how much distance you are making from them. It may seem switching between two screens might be distracting but it may not be as bad as it is made up to be.

Panorama View

As soon as I heard about the Wii U’s Panorama View capabilities – the first thing that came to mind that this will be so cool in GTA.  Taking a taxi ride around San Andreas will be much more interesting now with Panorama View. Just like a tourist in a visiting city, taking the taxi is the best method to get around and a perfect way to view the scenery.

[youtube id=”bDIfu2_IPzA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Here is a youtube video from Engadget. Just Imagine the same concept used in GTA V.

Inventory Management

gta 3

One thing that irked the hell of me in GTA IV is how cumbersome it was to select items. GTA IV used the outdated and archaic scroll down menu. I found it annoying; I couldn’t swap to a weapon of choice instantly in a heated gun fight. With the gamepad, you can just touch the screen to swap items. It is quick and easy – no fuss approach.

Wii U gamepad as a sniper scope

Grand theft auto wii u












Grand theft Auto wii U











Sniper assassinations were a joy in GTA IV. Killing a target from a rooftop was insanely satisfying, but only hindered from a clunky aim system. There is huge potential with the gamepad’s gyroscope capabilities and the second screen. Similarly demonstrated with the pictures above, the screen on the gamepad displays the scope vision, you aim by moving the gamepad around. While the TV screen will display the third person view, to get a better view of the surrounding environment. You look at the TV to find your target, then take aim by looking at the gamepad. Just like a sniper. Well perhaps the closest thing to the real deal.

Well here are my ideas. In my opinion the Wii U and Grand Theft Auto are perfect for each other. Come on Rockstar and 2K games, make this happen.

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  • P Addikt…

    Nice ideas.

    Scout target from long-range with binoculars.
    See which vehicle they enter, zoom into number plate, hack into nav systems gps.
    Follow target in own vehicle.

    When the ‘coast is clear’ and no witnesses are present, DRIVE-BY 1 BULLET KILL-SHOT. XD

    • Mike

      the gamepad is a perfect for gta. Make it happen rockstar. Lol