Wii U News: Project Cars will run at 720p and 30fps for the Wii U

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Wii U News: Project Cars will run at 720p and 30fps for the Wii U

The developer behind the super realistic racing Sim, Project Cars, has confirmed that the Wii U version will likely run at 720p and 30fps. The creative director Andy Tudor has openly said the game will “look and feel amazing.”

Andy further elaborated:

“We always prefer to aim for 30fps generally in order to keep gameplay-specific features like having more cars on track or better weather effects etc.

“So that’s standard across all consoles, and we’re more likely to utilize the native 720p support of the Wii U for launch especially since our physics and rendering systems demand a lot of processing power in order to deliver a truly next-gen experience.

“All you need to know is that when you get the game, it’ll look and feel amazing and you’ll want to show it off to your friends.”

This is great news for mii-gamers. Project Cars will show the graphic fidelity of the Wii U. Project Cars has not been dated for the Wii U.


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