Wii U rumors: Deus Ex: Human Revolution heading to the Wii U?

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Wii U rumors: Deus Ex: Human Revolution heading to the Wii U?

Eurogamer has reported that a Wii U version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution might heading to the Wii U.

Apparently a modded version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution was rated by the Australia classification Board. Eurogamer did report that no specific platform was mentioned, but did suggest that the Wii U is the most likely platform.

The developer behind the port of Mass Effect on the Wii U, hinted last year that they were working on a large Sqaure Enix game for the Wii U. Could Deus Ex: Human Revolution be that game?

In my opinion this is a terrible move by Sqaure, not only is the game far too old, it can also be found cheaper on other platforms. If it does become true, Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the Wii U will be sent to die. I for one already have the game on the PS3 and unfortunately not going to buy it again for the Wii U.

Big thanks to Eurogamer :)

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