Tips and Strategies: How to beat survival mode in ZombiU

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Tips and Strategies: How to beat survival mode in ZombiU


Beating ZombiU in survival mode is quite an endeavour. You are only given one survivor, one life and one chance. If you get killed – it is game over, you have to start from the beginning.

It is not impossible an impossible fete, you just need to approach it with a solid plan and a level head. I have beaten Survival mode and here are some of tips and strategies that will help you greatly in beating the mode.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to beat survival mode in ZombiU.

Tip 1:  Know the game well

Perhaps the most important tip is to know the game well. Knowing what lies ahead, will allow you to prepare adequately. Difficult parts such as defending the safe house, escaping the nursery and surviving the arena, will be less difficult if you have a plan. You can manage inventory and weaponry in anticipation of the danger ahead.

The biggest danger to your survival mode run is the oxygen tank Zombie – killing these critters in close vicinity, will most likely result in death, as the explosion will kill you. Approach the oxygen tank zombies with caution, they are usually slower than a normal infected so you can usually retreat and kill from a distant.  Remember where they patrol within the game, I died twice in survival mode because of them.

I would advise any player wanting to attempt survival mode, to at least finish the game at the normal. Invest time in remembering the game and learn from your mistakes, so you won’t make them in your survival mode run.

Know the game well and plan ahead is the best advice I can give you.

Tip 2:  Take on one Zombie at a time

One on one, the Infected doesn’t really pose much of a threat. Only when you face multiple infected do they really threaten. So my second tip is to  take on one Zombie at a time. There are many strategies that you can implement to achieve this:

  • Use you flashlight to draw the attention of an individual infected and lead them away from the others.
  • Do not use your firearms when the scanner detects multiple enemies. Shooting will attract all of them towards you.

Tip 3: Horde Molotov cocktails and flares like your life depends on it ( which it does)

Flares and Molotov cocktails are the best items to handle large groups of infected. Molotov’s are particularly useful, they have a wide area of damage, so they can deal with multiple enemies simultaneously. In addition Molotov’s have the secondary perk to attract Zombies towards the flame.

Flares can be a real life saver – when situation become too difficult to handle throw a flare to distract the infected, then either retreat or finish them off with a grenade or Molotov.

Tip 4: Select your weapons wisely and be accurate with your shots

The Cricket bat and the pistols are necessities.

Don’t bother with the assault rifle and sniper– I found them useless in most situations.

Pack at least one high powered gun, in your inventory. Personally I carried the shotgun, carbine and the crossbow.

Carbine is particularly useful it is strong both at a distant and close range, the low rate of fire means you need to be accurate.

Shotguns are for panic situations.

I use the crossbow, like a sniper –picking off infected at a distant. The beauty about the crossbow is that it is silent and you can scavenge the bolt from the corpse.

Ammo is scarce and a miss shot can mean death if not careful – so be accurate with your shot.

Tip 5:  Quite while you are ahead

Low in health?

Overwhelmed by the infected?

Close to death?

If you feel that you are going to die, just pause the game and quite. You may lose the unsaved progress but at least you will not lose the entire game.

If your health depletes, grabbed by the infected or hit by an explosion, you will not be able to pause and quite. The game automatically registers a death.




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