Nintendo restoring the faith of its core fans

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Nintendo restoring the faith of its core fans


Being a Nintendo enthusiast has been hard during the last few years. Nintendo has made a number of mistakes during the transitional period to new consoles which unfortunately have tainted the good will of some of their fans – myself included.  The terrible launch of the 3DS, the premature price cut and the recurring game droughts on all systems are disappointing. Yes – Nintendo apologised but apologizing can only go so far – I need Nintendo to take action.


Nintendo E#When the Wii U was announced at E3 2011– Nintendo promised that this console was for ‘U’. A console a Nintendo fan can hold their heads high and be proud of what they owned. They promised better 3rd party support and a smaller focus on the casual market. Promises that mistakes made last generation will be rectified. It was these promises that convinced me to buy the Wii U.


Many mii gamers can empathize, that E3 2012 was a bitter disappointment. Blame it on unrealistic expectations, but Nintendo failed to convince many on the Wii U. What happened to all the games? You know the games they were supposedly being developed, when Nintendo shifted focus from the Wii in its last years to the Wii U.


Fast forward to the present – even the Wii U launch did not fulfil these promises. We got a couple of decent exclusives and a number of ports. Nintendo – it seems were going back on their word. I was already regretting my purchase of the Wii U at launch.


Everything changed at the latest Nintendo direct.  It was the presentation that Nintendo should have had at E3 2012. It was the presentation they needed before the launch. At this point – it doesn’t matter anymore.  Nintendo dropped the proverbial bomb. It was a presentation directed to the core Ninty enthusiasts – an audience they had neglected before the launch of the Wii U. The announcement of Yoshi’s epic yarn, Shin Megami tensei X Fire Emblem, Wind Waker HD and Monolith’s X will have any Nintendo fan foaming at the mouth.


Monolith Soft X Xenoblade Announcement like these make the Wii U more appetising to potential buyers. Although these games maybe a long way off before release, fans can expect quality games are coming. It is the reassurance that Nintendo fans needed to justify the Wii U as a worthy console to own. It is hard to hold my excitement for a remastered Wind Waker complete with revamped graphics or the sublime game from the Monolith Soft. There aren’t many superlatives left to describe that incredible Nintendo direct.


One can only wonder why Nintendo did not reveal these titles earlier. If they were concerned about the competition copying, they could have shown images or trailers like they did on that Nintendo direct without showing the gamepad implementations.


My faith in Nintendo has been restored once again – they have rewarded my patients with games I want. Now it is just a waiting game until these games are released.  Nintendo should not be complacent, they have a lot of work to do, especially if they want to have an advantage when the new competition.

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