What I want to see in Wind Waker Wii U!

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What I want to see in Wind Waker Wii U!



Announcement of a remastered version of Wind Waker for the Wii U, was an unexpected surprise.  Wind Waker is an incredible, often regarded as a timeless classic with its unique cartoon visual style. But the game was far from perfect. The slow means of traversing across the sea, the hassle of changing the wind direction regularly and the frustrating triforce hunt at the end – will frustrate the newer gamers that Ninty wants to attract. With this new remake, Nintendo has a fantastic opportunity to improve the game and rectify some of the issues on the original.




Orchestrated Music

Orchestrated music should be standard for any modern Zelda game – so this should be a given. Wind Waker in my opinion, has the best soundtrack in a Zelda game, oh wait scratch that – it has one of the best video game soundtracks of all time. The Wind Waker should have orchestrated music – if it doesn’t then there is hell to pay Nintendo. Hell to Pay!



UI Improvements

wind waker wii uThe most obvious improvement is streamlining the UI with the gamepad. Similarly to how Darksiders 2 implements the gamepad – the inventory screen will be placed on the gamepad. No need to pause the game if you need to change weapons or equipment, it can now be done on the gamepad. With the gamepad, everything can be streamlined – viewing the overworld map to checking a treasure chart will be much less of a hassle with the gamepad.


Improving Ocean travel

wind waker wii u 2The most common complaints about Wind Waker is the excruciating manner in which you travel the Ocean. The Great Sea is massive but when you factor in that sailing is slow – travelling from point A to B can be torture. Travelling becomes an even bigger pain when need to change directions – if you have not played Wind Waker players need to change the direction of the wind towards your destination – without the wind behind your back you aren’t going anywhere.  Changing the direction of the wind is a tad time consuming, you need to regularly play the Winds Requiem which isn’t efficient.  It is quite a challenge improving ocean travel since it is such a large part of the game. Perhaps just pointing the Wind Waker to the direction you want to go might make it less painful.


Get rid of the Triforce hunt at the end

wind waker wii u 4I don’t care what they replace this with, but they need to get rid of this. The triforce hunt at the end is the mother of all fetch quests. It is the very definition of padding. Firstly, you had to locate the 8 triforce chart. Then you need to pay Mr tingle to translate them. When the translations are done, you are then required to find all the shards. Nintendo needs to remove this. Apparently there is two unused dungeon that was supposed to be included instead of the triforce hunt. Maybe they will include the two dungeons in the final version.


Tingle Tuner

Wind Waker tingle tunerNintendo has a great opportunity to integrate Tingle Tuner further into the game, originally you are required to have a GBA to use the Tingle Tuner.  The Tingle Tuner was perhaps the most unused item in the game. With the gamepad and the second screen – the gamepad can be used as a substitute to the GBA.  Nintendo could even use crossplay between the 3DS and the Wii U to emulate the GC and GBA combo.




Here are my suggestions to what Nintendo can improve Wind Waker for the Wii U. Do you have other suggestions? If so fire them off in the comment section.

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