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Level-5 are laughing all the way to the bank largely thanks to the runaway success of Yo-Kai Watch 2 in Japan. Last month,I reported that Yo-kai Watch 2 had a monstrous opening week selling through 1.3 million units. With most games sales are typically front loaded with numbers quickly dissipating during the weeks after the launch. […]

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Yo-Kai Watch 2 Success Continues As 3DS Holds Steady In Japan Media Create hardware and software sales are in for the week between July 7 and July 14. Yo-Kai Watch 2 has an impressive second week in the Japanese software charts, moving 332, ooo units for the week, putting the total lifetime sales to 1, 648, […]

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Media Create Numbers are in! Surprise! Surprise! Yo=kai Watch 2 had a monstrous week, according to the latest tracking numbers the game sold 1.3 million. The 3DS had a nice hardware bump, with a combined total of 62 k during the week. Unfortunately, Mario Kart 8 is losing traction selling around the 15k, which translates to a […]

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  Level-5 is now the proud owner of the next big thing in Japan. According to Famitsu’s tracking data Youka Watch 2 has sold  approximately1.28 million copies over the first four days since launch.For comparison sake, Pokemon X&Y had an enormous debut week selling 1.86 million copies when it launched in October of last year […]

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Yo-Kai Watch – Ghost Hunting To Become A Favorite Hobby In The West I’ve heard nothing but good things about Yo-Kai Watch franchise. Touted as the next Pokemon, well in Japan at least, Yo-Kai Watch has skyrocketed in popularity largely thanks to a charming anime series and great video games. Unfortunately, the series has yet […]

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It is a well known fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the most dominant console in the Japanese market. Last year Nintendo’s handheld had an exceptional year of quality releases, ranging from Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 4 and the ever-so-popular Pokemon X&Y. With so many great titles launching in a single calender year, it comes […]

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Can Youkai Watch Be The Next Pokemon For Nintendo’s Handhelds? Youkai Watch (Yo-kai Watch) has taken Japan by storm. Since the debut of the original game last year  – the franchise’s popularity has exploded with the advent of an animated series. I’ve heard some gamers liken the Youkai Watch (Yo-kai Watch) to the insanely popular […]

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Last Saturday – I brought you the news that the Spirit capturing game – Yōkai Watch will be receiving a second installment – which follows Pokemon lead – now having  two versions: Yokai Watch 2: Ganso (Founder) and Yokai Watch 2: Honke (Head). Level 5 has now uploaded the first trailer for Yōkai Watch 2 showcasing the game. According to Siliconera, Yōkai […]

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Media Create Japanese video game sales all week, particularly wanting to know the performance of Hyrule Warriors. Thankfully, Hyrule Warriors had more than a decent debut selling 69,090 units during its launch week. As a result – the Wii U got a respectable bump in hardware sales, with 18,161 more consoles entering […]

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Media Create’s Japan sales numbers are in for the week between July 21 and July 27. As always, the Nintendo 3DS remains at the top of the hardware charts selling 38, 455 units for the week.  I think it is safe to assume that the 3DS has regained the momentum it had before the tax hike […]

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Rayman Not Being a Playable Character A Missed Opportunity? Quick Thoughts On Rayman in Smash Bros. Sakurai dropped a small grenade last week, revealing that Rayman will make an appearance in Super Smash Bros. as a trophy. In his Miiverse post – Sakurai says he asked Ubisoft for a model of Rayman to draw inspiration, but […]