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The Pokemon Company and Namco Bandai has proudly unveiled Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Wii U Arcades. The announcement was made through the promised Famitsu stream. The game will feature a variety of Pokemon in a fighter style game of the fashion as the Tekken series. At the moment, details on the game are slowly filtering […]

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Pokken Fighters Official Unveil?   The Pokemon Company has announced that a new Pokemon game is set to be announced this Thursday. The announcement will be made through a Nico Nico stream, and will host a number of big names in the word of Pokemon such as Tsunekazu Ishihara (the President of Pokemon Company), Nobuhiko Okamoto and […]

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Pokkén Fighter & Pokkén Tournament Trademarked For Europe; Possibly An NFC Game For the Wii U I am calling it now! Nintendo’s first NFC game will be Pokken Fighter/Pokken Tournament. Like I wrote in Part One of my E3 2014 predictions, Nintendo first retail NFC capable will be Pokemon related.   Last year during the Pokemon Show held in […]

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I reported a few days go that Nintendo teased a new Pokemon game for the Wii U. A few seconds of footage was shown depicting Lucario and Blaziken facing off. Speculation has gone wild. Many (including yours truly) are hoping the game will be an RPG for the Wii U. Siliconera has reported that this […]

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5 E3 2014 Wii U Announcements That Will Make My Panties Wet It is not long now until the biggest gaming even in the calendar year is upon us. Like every other year, I expect big announcements at E3 2014 from Nintendo. After the abysmal year the Mario Company had last year – I bet […]

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Mii-gamer’s Nintendo E3 Predictions Part 1: Pokémon NFC Game To Be Announced (Image Source: Neogaf) E3 2014 is almost upon us! Well recognized as the biggest gaming event of the calendar year – it is a little worrying that Nintendo has not announced their plans for E3. The question in most individual’s minds is whether Nintendo […]

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Times have been difficult for Nintendo fans with the recent news of forecast slashing and losses. Well, as a change of pace I thought it would be good to post some exciting rumors about the next Nintendo Direct. The source of the rumor is from Neogaf (no surprise here) so please take this with a grain of […]

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An interesting rumor is circulating the intranet revealing information on a potential next gen Pokemon game. Just before I get into the nitty gritty of the rumor – is is important to ground yourself – to remind yourself that all rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. The rumor is from a Dual Pixels source, […]