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In a move that no one could have predicted, Nintendo has collaborated with Capcom to incorporate Animal Crossing into the ever-so-violent title – Monster Hunter 4G (known as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate). Of course, you won’t be slaying and skinning our favorite animal fans, but rather they will be appear as alternate costumes for Felynes. […]

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High ranked hunters will be happy to hear the news that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will have a Collector’s Edition. Capcom US made the announcement through their Unity Blog, and will be exclusive for the North American market. The Collector’s Edition will come complete with a fantastic Gore Magala Figure, Felyn wearing Gore Magala armor Pin, Monster […]

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  Capcom has uploaded a mesmerizing trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (known as Monster Hunter 4G in Japan). The trailer features the beautiful singing of a women in a mystery and unknown language. Of course, the trailer shows a small sample of the many monsters featured in the title. You can watch the trailer […]

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  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is certainly shaping up to be the ultimate Monster Hunter game.In a recent developer blog post, Capcoms Yuri Araujo confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s multiplayer will be compatible across the North American and European versions. Essentially, players from North America will be able to join hunting parties in Europe […]

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Fans in the west have been clamoring Capcom to ship Monster Hunter 4 overseas. A few months ago – western hunters finally got their wish – with the announcement of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the North America, Europe and Australia to be released in early 2015. Our Japanese counterpart will be getting the directors cut this October, which […]

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New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Trailer Shows Epic Scale Nintendo of Europe has uploaded a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated 3DS exclusive – Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Coming back from the news that Nintendo of Europe will be handling the distribution of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate throughout Europe including Australia. Essentially, Nintendo of Europe […]

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While Nintendo’s focus, and fans for that matter, are directly on the Wii U, we should not forget that there will be an incredible lineup of game for the Nintendo 3DS. One title that is in most 3DS fans radar will be Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which is exclusive to the system. Capcom has unleashed a brand […]

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Hunters sharpen your weapons! Capcom has unleashed a brand new trailer for 3DS exclusive title – Monster Hunter 4G. Featuring previously unseen gameplay, intimidating beasts and an epic atmosphere – the trailer is sure to get the Japanese market excited. Monster Hunter 4G is scheduled for release on September 14, 2014 in Japan. Do not […]

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I pleas have been heard. Alongside the announcement of Monster Hunter 4G for Japan, Capcom has finally confirmed that the West will be receiving Monster Hunting love.  Capcom’s Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter series producer, has proudly announced that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be arriving to our shores in 2015. Don’t worry Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate […]

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Oh Capcom you really want that money. Coming off as a major surprise Capcom has announced Monster Hunter 4G for the Nintendo 3DS/2DS. The announcement was made during the Monster Hunter Festa 2013 Finals currently being held in Tokyo. I am not sure how the Japanese fans will react to the news, especially since Monster […]

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Nintendo and Capcom are working closely to push Monster Hunter 4 in Japan. I believe Capcom is relying on the insanely popular (and successful) Monster Hunter 4 to return the company to stable financial grounds. Nintendo has announced another Monster Hunter 4 bundle for the 3DS. The Limited Edition 3DS sports a baby blue colour […]

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Monster Hunter 4 is scorching the Japanese charts with no signs of cooling down. Monster Hunder 4 is an emphatic success for the Capcom especially under the companies financial troubles. Surely, Monster Hunter 4 has made a substantial amount of profit from Japan for Capcom. Perhaps, they could take a very small risk by bringing […]

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Well, not surprising at all – Monster Hunter 4 has debut at the top of charts according to the Japanese retailer Tsutaya. This week (the next months to be more precise) will be big for Capcom and Nintendo. Capcom has already revealed that they have great expectations for Monster Hunter 4 and I firmly believe […]

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Capcom wishes to bring Monster Hunter Frontier G to the west Arguably, the Monster Hunter franchise is Capcom biggest video game franchise. I know many would put forth Street Fighter and Resident Evil over MH, however, I honestly believe that these IP’s are slowly being overtaken by Monster Hunter, especially Resident Evil. It is no […]