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— Let’s face it: every Nintendo fan is heavy-breathing over the next main Zelda entry.  It’s already been teased, and while there are the usual suspects getting their masculine insecurity panties all up in a bunch over the artstyle of Link, we can do nothing but wait.  But wait!  There’s Hyrule Warriors!  A Zelda spinoff […]

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With only three days in the market, it appears that Hyrule Warriors has had a good debut according to the latest UK charts by GFK. Nintendo’s Warriors spin-of has debut at number 4 behind  the PS4, Xbox One and 360 versions of destiny.  Without actual numbers, it is hard to decipher whether Hyrule Warriors has […]

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Just when you think, Koei Tecmo, has revealed all their card on Hyrule Warriors, they come out of nowhere and revealed 4 more playable characters. Joining the already impressive warriors list is villains Cia, Volga and Wizzro, plus Dark Link as well, which will surely delight Zelda fans. The characters will be included in an […]

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As we approach the launch of Hyrule Warriors for North America, Nintendo will inevitable jump-start their marketing machine. To start things off – Nintendo has shared the first Hyrule Warriors commercial through their YouTube channel. The commercial, itself, is relatively conservative and  admittedly uninspired. It features a voice over highlighting the games story, characters and […]

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Nintendo World Stores will exclusively stock the Limited Edition SKU of Hyrule Warriors in North America. Announced through Twitter, Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition will come complete with a North American copy of Hyrule Warriors and the replicate blue scarf that Link fashions in the game. The bundle goes on sale on September 26 at 8 […]

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The Legend of Zelda Franchise isn’t known for deep cinematic experiences, that’s not to say they aren’t good, it’s just that cutscenes often take a backseat to the gameplay. Speaking to Nintendo Life, director of the Zelda series, Eiji Aonuma, revealed that he is on a mission to ensure that the cutscenes in The Legend of Zelda […]

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Nintendo of Europe has announced that a trendy Pixel Master Sword add-on will be available for Hyrule Warriors on launch day. As the name might have already suggested – the Pixel Master Sword is a 3D replicate of the Master Sword from the early 2D Zelda games (y A Link to the past IIRC). In addition to the Pixel Master Sword, […]

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting for Media Create Japanese video game sales all week, particularly wanting to know the performance of Hyrule Warriors. Thankfully, Hyrule Warriors had more than a decent debut selling 69,090 units during its launch week. As a result – the Wii U got a respectable bump in hardware sales, with 18,161 more consoles entering […]

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The last character trailer for Hyrule Warriors has finally been uploaded by Koei Tecmo. Falling on the Japanese release date, the last trailer focuses the spotlight on the flamboyant villain from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Lord Ghirahim. Wielding the Demon Blade, Ghirahim fences with style and grace in a stylish display of swordsmanship. […]

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If you are planning to purchase Hyrule Warriors through the Nintendo eShop, then be sure to check whether you have adequate memory in your Wii U or hard-drive before you download the title. Tilmen from Nintendomination has revealed the file size of Hyrule Warriors through Twitter. As shown in the screenshot below, Hyrule Warriors file size will be […]

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In a last-ditch effort to excite fence sitters (living in Japan), Koei Tecmo has uploaded a brand new trailer for the highly anticipated Wii U exclusive, Hyrule Warriors. On show, is the usurper King Zant. Embodying his psychotic tendencies, Zant flails his twins sword wildly and all the while laughing at the enemy’s agony. Zant […]

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Only 7 more sleeps until our good Japanese friends can finally play the hotly anticipated title, Hyrule Warriors! In a last bid to hype fans further, Koei Tecmo has uploaded two more trailer for Hyrule Warriors. The first trailer will likely be received tepidly by fans. The trailer is essentially the opening scene of the […]

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Koei Tecmo revealed all sorts of delectable information for Hyrule Warriors during  yesterdays Nintendo Direct. Perhaps, the most exciting news was the revelation that the most infamous villain in the franchises history – Ganondorf will be a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. In celebration of the news – Nintendo has kindly thrown in the Ganondorf Costume Set for […]

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Nintendo has been kind to collectors lately. Following from Mario Kart 8’s Limited Edition SKU, Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo of Australia has confirmed that Hyrule Warriors will be receiving the Limited Edition treatment. The Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition set includes a retail copy of Hyrule Warriors and a trendy Blue Scarf (the same design of the […]