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Nintendo of UK has shared two new trailers of the upcoming RPG, Fantasy Life. The first trailer titled, “Create Your Hero” showcases the extensive customization options available to create your own unique hero. The second trailer highlights the “lives” feature of Fantasy Life. Players can select between 12 different lives, which are essentially a “class” […]

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Nintendo of Europe has announced that Level-5’s RPG hybrid – Fantasy Life will available for purchase on September 26. The North American version of Fantasy Life has a tentative October release date. Fantasy Life is an interesting  game blending strong RPG gameplay with life simulator elements.  In Fantasy Life, you will be able to select […]

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We have to thank Nintendo for localizing Japanese gems like Fantasy Life. Launching in Japan during the holiday season of 2012, it has taken a year and a half for the game to cross the sea’s to Europe and America, and I am sure the game will be well worth the wait. The game is […]

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Why Nintendo is the biggest threat to my wallet come the holiday season Quality release for Nintendo  between the 3DS and Wii U during the first half year of 2014 has been few and far between.  From the top of my head –  Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Bravely Default, Kirby Triple […]

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It is a well known fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the most dominant console in the Japanese market. Last year Nintendo’s handheld had an exceptional year of quality releases, ranging from Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter 4 and the ever-so-popular Pokemon X&Y. With so many great titles launching in a single calender year, it comes […]

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Recently at Anime 2014 in Netherlands at Q&A, producer of Tales series Hideo Baba was interviewed and questioned involving on what platforms, he plans to release Tales series. More importantly, Baba was questioned about a  possible release of Tales games on the Wii U. He, in turn, replied that it depends on the platform which has most users not […]

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Why E3 2014 Will Be Make Or Break For Nintendo Nintendo and its Wii U have been floundering with negative perceptions. To no fault of anyone, but themselves – Nintendo is unable to recognize that they are indeed a crucial factor in why the Wii U is failing to resonate with the masses. I hate to do this, […]

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I’m a little to the party with the Japanese sales this week, better late than never. Overall the week is fairly weak with the sales number, which is expected after the shopping season. There is cause for concern as the Wii U is nibbling around the 10k mark again which isn’t a good sign. I […]

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Media create numbers are here, sure it is a little late, but all can be forgiven since it is the new years. The software numbers and hardware numbers for the week between Dec 30 to January 5 are as follows: [add_line height_line=”1″ color=”black”] 01./04. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y # (Pokemon Co.) {2013.10.12} (¥4.800) – 152.888 / […]

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The latest round of sales estimates from Famitsu are out for the week between Dec 22 – Dec 29. Software numbers are as follows: (Bold indicates debut week for the game)   [add_line height_line=”1″ color=”black”] Famitsu Sales: Week 52, 2013 (Dec 22 – Dec 29)  01./00. [3DS] The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds # <ADV> […]

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I don’t particularly like Mondays as it always marks a brand new week filled with stress and anxiety (especially Work), plus it is the furthest day from the weekend. However, Monday does bring the joyous news of the Tsutaya game rankings. For the week between Dec 30 and Janaury 5 the game rankings are as follows:   […]

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Every Monday the Japanese retail giant Tsutaya release their games sales ranking. The ranking for the week between Dec 23rd  to Dec 29th are as followed: (Bold are new releases)   Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster – PS3 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds -3DS Pazudora Z – 3DS Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster […]

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Coming as a surprise – the Wii U has a gotten a large bump in sales – no doubt due to the holiday Season peaking and Nintendo’s aggressive marketing strategy. For the week – 74,903 Wii U’s were sold. For comparison sakes last week numbers were 48,242. As expected the 3DS has topped the hardware charts with the […]

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Well, not surprising at all – Monster Hunter 4 has debut at the top of charts according to the Japanese retailer Tsutaya. This week (the next months to be more precise) will be big for Capcom and Nintendo. Capcom has already revealed that they have great expectations for Monster Hunter 4 and I firmly believe […]