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— Bayonetta 2 had been something of a controversial Wii U exclusive, with responses escalating to death threats against Platinum Games.  Well, fast forward to now, and the game is out in the wild on the one and only Wii U. So should fans of the series shut up and put up with buying a […]

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Platinum Games has announced that they will be hosting a launch party celebrating the Japanese release of Bayonetta 2 on September 20. The event will be held at the Ion Cinema Makuhari and will be completely free, but bookings are necessary to reserve yourself a seat. As for the entertainment, key members of Platinum Games such as […]

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It appears Nintendo is prepared to advertise their upcoming action-climax game, Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U. Two Television commercials have emerged targeting the Japanese video game market. Featuring the voluptuous Bayonetta in skimpy clothing, suggestive poses and sublime action gameplay – these Television commercials will surely appease the stereotypical gamer in Japan. I know […]

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The Bayonetta 2 Nintendo has just finished airing filling in Nintendo fans with a great deal of information – which will surely excite fans. In case you have missed the direct – I’ve made a small summary of all the key points discussed in the direct. Also, I’ve embedded the Nintendo Direct below for you […]

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Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that the climax action game, Bayonetta 2, will be heading into European stores on October 24 – which is the exact same day as the North American release date. Presumably, the Australian release date will be on October 25 as retail titles typically release on Saturdays, Additionally, Europe will get […]

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  Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that a Bayonetta 2 focused Nintendo Direct will be airing live on Thursday, September 4. The stream will begin broadcasting at 3pm/PT or 6pm/ET and will share new details about the upcoming Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2. Fans can watch the broadcast at the Nintendo Direct website  or […]

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Nintendo has shared their extensive plans to capitalize on the busy sales rush during the holiday season. The Press release is quite extensive, and would have recommended Nintendo to host a Direct to detail the information. But considering that Iwata is still recovering from surgery – I suppose holding a direct is too much work […]

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Platinum Games has once again updated their developer blog sharing more details on the high anticipated Wii U exclusive title, Bayonetta 2. In this weeks blog entry,  Hisayoshi Kijima from Platinum games talks in detail about the new and improved UI design in Bayonetta 2. Mr Kojima says that his goal was to improve upon the UI from the […]

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Lost amid the hype surrounding Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. For Wii U – flies Bayonetta 2 – a hidden gem developed by Platinum Games. Though the game is still a few months away from release – Nintendo has, thus far, neglected this wonderful title, in favor of their more recognized franchises. Thankfully, Platinum […]

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Delve Into The Minds Behind Bayonetta 2 Platinum games have updated their blog! This entry is written by Hiroki Onishi – the lead environmental artist of Bayontta 2. The topic today is the inspiration behind the environments. Mr Onishi says that Noatun – the main locale of the game – was heavily inspired by the cityscape […]

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The air has been ripe with confusion on how Nintendo intends to distribute Bayonetta 2  and the original Bayonetta in retailers and within the Wii U eShop. Finally, we have official confirmation and clarification how fans will be able to get both Bayonetta 2and the original Bayonetta. Gonintendo recently asked Nintendo for a statement, and thankfully […]

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Nintendo has clarified that Bayonetta 2 will be accompanied with a disc copy of the original Bayonetta for North America. During E3 2014, Nintendo announced that the original Bayonetta will be offered free when you purchase Bayonetta 2. Since then, we have  discovered that the retail SKU of Bayonneta 2 in Japan and specific SKU’s […]

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I can’t say this enough – Nintendo is doing a great job in marketing and hyping up their games as of recent. The next big retail title scheduled will be Hyrule Warriors launching in mid August for Japan and September for the west, and I have to say Koei Tecmo and Ninty have been doing […]

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It appears Nintendo has made a few agreements with Japanese retailers to begin preliminary advertisement Bayonetta 2. Platinum has shared a fantastic image showcasing their game already beginning to be advertised in specific retailers in Japan. Already shaping up to be a critically acclaimed title, I am a little worried that the game will not […]