Pokemon Company Makes $1.5 Billion In Annual Revenue

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pikachu it prints money

What is the phrase that people often associate with Nintendo’s products? Oh that’s right! It prints money!

Never has that term been so true for the Pokemon franchise. License Globals – a firm that researches  company revenue from licensed products has published a new report title “Top 150 Licensors.” As the title of the report suggests – the research paper countdowns the top 150 companies that earns the most from licensing agreements.

License Globals finds that the Pokemon Company earns $1.5 billions in annual revenue – placing Pikachu and Co. as the 40th most profitable licensing brand in the world. The revenue stream comes from a number of sources, which extends not only from Video games, but also into Trading Cards, animations and other licensed merchandise.

License Global cites some interesting factoids relating to the Pokemon Franchise. Did you know 2o billion TCG cards have been shipped worldwide? That’s an impressive number to say the least! Furthermore,  Licensed global has seen continued growth of Pokemon Video on Demand

“Pokémon’s VOD offerings continue to grow in 2014 with the launch of Pokémon animation on Netflix across all of its markets. Pokémon animation can also be instantly streamed on Hulu and Hulu Plus in the U.S. Netflix and Hulu join Pokémon’s own Pokémon TV app in providing fans hundreds of Pokémon episodes and movies on demand.”

In addition, Licensed Global predicts another strong year of revenue for the Pokemon with many new ventures aligned:

“Pokémon is positioned to enjoy a strong year at retail in 2014 and beyond. Buzz created by the launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y has carried into 2014, with strong sales of new Pokémon TCG: XY product that launched this winter. The newest expansion, Pokémon TCG: XY-Flashfire, arrives at retail in May, with additional expansions launching later in the year. TOMY International’s line of plush, figures and role-play items refreshed this spring in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.”

Funnily, Pokemon beats some big brand news such as Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures and Lego just to name a few. However, Sanrio – the company behind the “Hello Kitty” brand absolutely eclipses Pokemon with a revenue stream of $8 Billion annually. The number one company is of course – the Walt Disney which earns a whopping $40.9 in annual revenue.

Pikachu is here to stay, and will continue his popularity with the launch of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire this November.

Via: Neogaf, source: License Globals


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