Confirmed: Bayonetta 1 Is Free With Both The Physical and Digital Version of Bayonetta 2

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The air has been ripe with confusion on how Nintendo intends to distribute Bayonetta 2  and the original Bayonetta in retailers and within the Wii U eShop. Finally, we have official confirmation and clarification how fans will be able to get both Bayonetta 2and the original Bayonetta. Gonintendo recently asked Nintendo for a statement, and thankfully they have replied back.
This email is a follow-up to our recent response to your inquiry regarding Bayonetta 2. I’d like to apologize for any miscommunication on our end. To answer your original question and provide clarification, the format of the first Bayonetta will depend on the purchase method. That is to say:

– If you purchase the disc version of Bayonetta 2, the packaging will include the disc version of the first Bayonetta.
– If you purchase the digital version of Bayonetta 2, there will be an automatic discount to download the first Bayonetta for free.

Likewise, if you purchase the digital version of the first Bayonetta, there will be an automatic discount to download Bayonetta 2 for free.

So to be clear – when you purchase the disc version of the Bayonetta 2 – the SKU will have a DISC copy of the original Bayonetta. Purchasing Bayonneta 2 on the Wii U eShop, will allow you to download Bayonetta free of charge! It works vice versa as well. Either way, we will still get the original Bayonetta for free.

Thanks Gonintendo

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