More Details On Mega Sableye

By Michael On 20 Jun, 2014 At 11:05 PM | Categorized As 3DS | With 0 Comment

It would be safe to assume that many Pokemon fans are eagerly awaiting for more information on Pokemon Omega Ruby and Apha Sapphire. So far we have the confirmation of additional mega evolved Pokemon including Mega Sceptile, Mega Swampert and Mega Diancie. However, there is one more mega Pokemon that was recently announced, and that is Mega Sableye. Serebii has shared more details on Mega Sableye. Firstly, Mega Sableye will retain it’s dark/ghost type and will gain the ability Magical Bounce (perfect for a utility Pokemon like Sableye). Lastly, Mega Sableye will gain a boost in Defence and Special Attack, but will lose Speed points.

Sableye is one Pokemon that was in dire need of a mega evolution, considering the normal form had so much utility potential, but is let down by its average stats.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Apha Sapphire is due to launch on November worldwide.

Source: Serebii

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