Nintendo 2DS Gets New Commercial

By Michael On 14 May, 2014 At 05:06 PM | Categorized As 3DS, 3DS News | With 0 Comment

 Nintendo 2DS Gets New Commercial



The 3DS is doing quite well, but I suspect Nintendo would like to have better results in the Western Markets. Nintendo will have big games this year with Tomodachi Life in June, Super Smash Bros For 3DS during sometime in the summer, Youkai Watch 2 for Japan in July, Monster Hunter 4G, and Pokemon Alpa Sapphire/Pokemon Omega Ruby later this  in November. In addition, I can guarantee that there will be games to be announced at E3 and future Nintendo Directs. Nintendo requires a strong, appealing lineup of games, in conjunction with an effective campaign if they want to safely reach the 12 million shipment forecast.

At least, Nintendo will sustain a marketing push throughout the year (something they should do with the Wii U) – with a brand spanking new commercial for the Nintendo 2DS. Check out below:

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