Two Unnannounced Mario Kart 8 Items Revealed

By Michael On 4 Apr, 2014 At 10:48 AM | Categorized As Wii U News | With 0 Comment

mario kart 8 item

A good forum buddy of mine – has uncovered something peculiar during the latest round of Mario Kart 8 information from Nintendo. As shown in the screenshot – two new unannounced items have been revealed: a Speaker Item and the Lucky 8.

The first item appears to be a horn/speaker block item – we can assume that it will produce sound – however, speculating about the game effect will be of no use.

The second one is a little obvious – I suspect it is the Lucky Eight – an upgrade from the item Lucky Seven from Mario Kart 7. This time around – I believe eight items can be used instead of seven.

Unfortunately, no other information can be derived from the screenshot.

Despite the explosion of information yesterday – it seem Mario Kart 8 does have more secrets that have yet to be revealed.

Let the hype train begin.

Thanks T-bone

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