Improvements I want to see in Pokemon Z

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Pokemon Z

Improvements I want to see in Pokemon Z

I know it! You Know it! Everyone knows it! That Pokemon Z is inevitably coming to the 3DS/2DS in a year or two. Following tradition of Pokemon – Game Freaks will release a directs cut version of Pokemon X&Y and will call it Pokemon Z. Till that time comes – fans will have to settle with the fantastic Pokemon X&Y.


While I did enjoy Pokemon X&Y ( and to this day still do) – but something felt off with the title- the magic of Pokemon was simply not there. With Pokemon Z – Gamefreaks has the perfect opportunity to rectify some of the glaring issues I had with Pokemon X&Y.


Firstly, GameFreaks must fix the Team Flare sub-plot. I echo the many complaints about the horrid Team Flare story – in that it felt tacked on and out of place inside the game. For Pete’s sake don’t include a subplot in a game just for the sake of tradition. I mentioned this before in another article, but I still do not know the motivations behind the Team Flare cause. Convolution at its finest! With Pokemon Z – Gamefreaks has the perfect opportunity to right the wrongs – fix the correctables.  And the first thing they should do is iron out the kinks of the Team Flare plot. By that I mean, flesh out the story more, make it relevant to the world Kalos and more importantly explain it better.


In adittion to fixing the team flare story – Gamefreak must add more post game content. I cannot stress this enough. Pokemon X&Y has the weakest post game in any generation of Pokemon with so few legendaries to catch and so little to do after you beat the Pokemon champion. From the top of my head you can capture Mewtwo, Zapdos/Articuno/Moltres and  Zygarde. Plus you can complete the Battle Chateau and the Battle Mansion. Other than this the rest of the game is pretty baron. Sure you could make the claim that online more than makes up for this. What I have to say to that? No. I want more in my Pokemon games. I want to discover more legendary Pokemon. I want to discover the secret world of Pokemon. I want extra challenges and other neat distractions. Second Generation had you revisiting Kanto to defeat the 8 gym leaders. Ruby/Sapphire had the battle frontier. Gen 4 had Pokemon contests and 5 had several amazing legendary Pokemon to catch. I can’t say with confidence that Pokemon X&Y is on par with previous generation in terms of post game content.


I don’t have many complaints about Pokemon X&Y which is a testimony to the well crafted experience of the game. But  I am adamant that Gamefreaks and Nintendo should polish the game until perfection is achieved. After all that is what we expect from them. With Pokemon Z around the corner, it would be ludicrous if they did not use this opportunity to fix some issues that brought down Pokemon X&Y experience.


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  • Dr.Teabag

    First off they need to make Zygarde suck less. Second MOAR megas please! ^_^

  • OhMyClarence

    Team Flare’s back story was lacking, and I suspect it’s due to the fact that there really isn’t a major believable terrorist justification left that Pokemon hasn’t touched: Rockets were mobsters turned just your run of the mill terrorist organization in Gen II, Aqua/Magma were environmental terrorist, Galactic were a weird sci-fi cult, Plazma were a animal liberation front type terrorist group.

    Lysandre was just a nut-case, but–spoiler alert–there’s room I think for Malva to step in as the new leader in Z. Flare has a lot of access to technology so it’s likely they could try to take over Kalos. And Zygarde’s dex entries already hint at it just showing up to wreck the place if things get out of hand.

    I don’t think more Legendary Pokemon really add to the post-game unless there is some kind of quest required to actually capturing them. You had to hunt down the wings in Gen II and find the caves in Gen III for example.

    I think Kalos as a region is really suffering from coming in after the updated Unova region, which really packed in a lot of content: Studios, Join Avenue, PWT, that magical tree thing, with actual quests to complete; a lot of legendary Pokemon just running about, etc. The games always have reset more or less for a new generation, but that reset felt really tough coming in Unova. But I think there’s room in Kalos to bring back old features, like PWT, and new ones, like possibly opening your own Juice Shop in Lumiose City.

  • Lord of the Sword

    I agree on the front of the lacking story, especially compared to the masterpiece story of Black and White and their sequels. However, I disagree on the “isn’t a major believable terrorist justification” thing. There is one thing that Team Flare can be compared to and fit into well: nuclear terrorists. The Ultimate Weapon is comparable to a nuke, Team Flare’s belief that they are the best and only they should survive, and the (spoiler!) taking life from Pokemon in Geosenge is comparable to using the atom to create a large amount of energy, the Ultimate Weapon is just really inefficient and needs a lot more atoms.

    So if they are given that sort of background, along with less apathetic citizens (seriously, the people of Geosenge don’t give a shit that a massive weapon shot a beam of light and then exploded in their backyard) and a better backstory (like how they have been there for a while, some of their current achievements), their story will feel less tacked on and more believable.