Is Nintendo Disney?

By Michael On 28 Nov, 2013 At 11:34 PM | Categorized As Wii U News | With 4 Comments

With the Wii U continue to performing poorly, discussion has been rife on how Nintendo can turn around the fortunes. Personally, I have no ideas left for Nintendo, for now it seems it would be wise to let events unfold naturally.

I was watching the latest Bonus round for GTTV, and a comment made by one of the panelist hit a cord. Nintendo is Disney. By that, the Panelist was suggesting that Nintendo has a cultural reach that no other company share. That their games should be played every single person. The idea is that Nintendo’s games deserve to be played by everyone, and should not be limited to one hardware.

As a Nintendo Fan, I would never want Nintendo leaving the hardware business, but the thought did resonate with me. If Nintendo does decide to bow out of the hardware business (home console), it might not be the end of them, it could be a new adventure for them, perhaps even becoming a stronger company for it.

You can watch the bonus round episode below.

Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Venks Dunson

    Nintendo games should be played by everyone, but going third-party isn’t the answer. Nintendo is still financially more sound than either Xbox or PlayStation. The other two companies are much closer to bowing out of making game hardware then Nintendo if you look at actual profits.

    I go a bit into this myself if you care to read:

    • miigamerz

      Financially, I am not worried about Nintendo. I am questioning whether nintendo still has a pace in the home console space. All the money won’t save you if people are simply not interested in buying your home console

      • Venks Dunson

        That’s a good question. Really hoping to see some positive numbers by the end of December. It would be a real shame to see Nintendo stop making console software. Especially because I’m dying for a Prime~style Metroid for Wii U.