Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Packaging and Figure Mini-Review (NA)

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The retail disc version of Wind Waker HD has finally arrived! More importantly, that also means that the special limited edition version of the game has finally reached eagerly awaiting fans as well. Due to the collectable nature of this product, I thought it would be appropriate to do both a mini-review of the package as well as provide a nice set of images.I am not sure how rare this package is, but I will say that my local Gamestop only got four of them, two of which were reserved by employees.

As a reminder, a retail copy of WWHD itself is going for $49.99, while the limited edition was exclusively sold by Gamestop for $59.99. What those extra $10 got you is a collectible 5” figurine of Ganondorf (in Wind Waker style!) along with the game, packed safely together in a special box with unique cover art.

While this figurine package is the reason I bought this remake at launch in the first place, I wasn’t sure how much I could expect from its quality for such a small additional price. However, the box alone made me feel like my extra money was well spent. The front depicts Ganondorf and Link in a heated battle, swords clashing with purple sparks flying off as a depiction of their strength. Zelda bravely readies the light arrow and bow on the side frame, while the game information is shown proudly on the back. I am a huge sucker for good box art, and I can’t see how it could have gotten better than this!

Enough about the box, though – the real treat of this deal is definitely the Ganondorf figurine. I was worried whether or not it would feel cheap, but as this is a packaged Nintendo product I felt that I felt that I could place my trust in it. I was rightful to do so, as the plastic which the figurine is made from feels actually quite sturdy and sound. The painting of the figurine, while adequate, does show some inconsistencies upon close inspection. Moreover, even when first removing it from the box the plastic itself had  some odd linear streaks in its sheen in some spots, though they are only visible up close. These flaws are only minor, and in my opinion don’t take much away from the package as a whole.

However, my one true complaint is what this package is missing rather than what it delivers. If you remember when this limited edition was announced, a short trailer revealed a nice clear bell-jar that came with the figure to protect it from dust, and the figure stand was also bigger to match it (see below). This trailer didn’t lie, but it was miss-leading. The bell jar does come with the product, but only in Europe (Nintendo of America apparently did not want to put the extra cost into this item). Europe’s packaging and box art are also different, though, and in my opinion are inferior to what the Americas received. I still would have liked the dome, but I am happier with our product anyhow due to the lovely art.

Overall I would say that this is one of Nintendo’s better limited edition products as of late. The last one I purchased was the limited edition of Skyward Sword that came with a special Wii remote plus, but I am a huge sucker for unique box art and a separate piece of physical memorabilia that can have its own prominent place on your shelf. The flaws I mentioned are minor and were what I expected for only $10 more, and in fact the quality of the figure is slightly above what I hoped for. I can only hope that Nintendo will consider making collections similar to this in the future at such a fair price.

Were you one of the lucky few who was able to grab one of these as well? Do you have any opinions or comments? Please share below!

ganon1   ganon7

ganon4   ganon2

ganon5   ganon9

Credit for the above images goes to my lovely fiancé Kris.

Note: Shown below are images from the European version of the collector’s edition.

Screen Shot_European 2013-10-05 at 7.44.46 AMScreen Shot_European 2 2013-10-05 at 7.45.20 AM

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